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 Enduro Fork Seals
These seem to work. It was easy to install them on my '02 Rock Shox Duke. The website has instructions for lots of different forks. www.enduroforkseals.com
Posted by Arrkelly on 07/06/04

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  •  Re: Enduro Fork Seals
    Posted by OPP riding a Spider Bullit on 07/07/04

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  •  Re: Enduro Fork Seals
    I need some new fork seals, and knife and spoon seals as well....my utinsels seem not to be functioning at optimal levels, thus decreasing my ability to consume mass quantities of food, and surpass Dusty as the fattest man on the planet. Does Enduro make beer glass seals too?
    Posted by El Jefe a 35 year old riding a Santa Cruz V10 and Blur, Kona Stinky, and a SS Kona Cowan from Trabuco Canyon on 07/07/04

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    •  Re: Enduro Fork Seals
      Maybe Crate and Barrel has those?
      Posted by Arrkelly on 07/07/04

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