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 Mercier Aquila
Does anybody know anything about this bike? I have an opportunity to purchase one new for about $480. Good deal? Good bike? Help.............
Posted by DougB on 04/24/02

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  •  Re: Mercier Aquila
    Don't know much but you might try cyclesmercier.com.
    Posted by Jared Schettler on 05/28/02

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  •  Re: Mercier Aquila
    Doug, I'm thinking of purchasing a Mercier Aquila and am wondering if you purchased yours and what your experience has been riding it. I'm training for a 270 mi ride and want to know if this bike will meet my needs.
    Posted by Nancy a 37 year old Weekend Rider riding a too pathetic to mention bike from new jersey on 07/09/02

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    •  Re: Mercier Aquila
      I know that the mercier aquila has shimano sora and not even shimano 105's I like Mercier but this is not high quality, it is a good starter bike though.
      Posted by Kym a 37 year old Road Warrior riding a mercier corvus triple from MASS on 08/29/02

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      •  Re: Mercier Aquila
        How do you like your Corvus? BikesDirect.com has them for $795 right now. Seems like a good deal, given the components. How's the frame? Happy with your bike?
        Posted by Michael a 35 year old Weekend Rider riding a Specialized Sirrus from Fort Worth, Texas on 10/01/02

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        •  Re: Mercier Aquila
          I recently purchased a Corvus and like it very much. The stem was a little long for me so I traded that out. I also preferred my own seat. I have no complaints with nearly 100 miles on the bike so far. I use it as a commuter and it seems to fit the bill nicely.
          Posted by Tbombadil a 32 year old Road Warrior riding a mercier Corvus from mesa, az on 02/11/03

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      •  Re: Mercier Corvus
        I'm considering buying a mercier Corvus from bikesdirect. How do you like your bike.
        Posted by Harvey on 10/07/02

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  •  Re: Mercier Aquila
    This message board is full of people who want to know more about thepensters and I hope that they can learn new things. They will do many things in future.

    Posted by Frick on 02/20/18

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