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 Cool races and events in Mexico and Latin America

Is there a schedule of cool events in Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru for mountain biking and/or trail running?

Drop a note if you know of anything down that way.


Posted by Laury on 09/09/04

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  •  Re: Cool races and events in Mexico and Latin America
    Most of the riding-racing is in the Tijuana, Tecate and Ensenada area. There is a whole race schedule that goes to all the cities. Only two races left this year, sept and october. I will be organizing a 12hr endurance race next year around march. The website still not up yet, but it should be in the next couple of weeks, is been finished already.

    Posted by Moab63 a 40 year old Racer riding a F1000SL from Mexico on 09/10/04

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