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 SoCal Traverse- New Mtn Bike Race this November
We are pleased to announce the 1st annual SoCal Traverse (“SCT”) to be held Saturday, November 13th, 2004. Brought to you by the race directors of the Scout Adventure Challenge, the SCT will combine the best mountain biking and adventure racing has to offer.

Well over a hundred miles in length with expected finish times at or around 24-hours, participants will mountain bike from checkpoint (“CP”) to CP navigating the entire Santa Monica Mountain range, having the opportunity to link all of its beautiful peaks and canyons in a single endurance experience of a lifetime.

With prize money in the thousands for the premiere 3-person coed division and sponsors soon to be announced, you can expect a great showing which will pit some of the top adventure race teams against some of the best mountain bikers the west has to offer! A great event for novices and intermediates looking to take it to the next level.

Quick Summary:

What: SoCal Traverse
When: November 13, 2004
Where: Santa Monica Mountains
Disciplines: Mountain Biking and Navigation
Duration: approximately 24 hours
Elevation gain: lots.... (more specifics later)
Divisions: 3-person coed (for the money); 3 person open; 2 person open and solo
Prizes: $$$ for the top ten 3-person coed teams
Entry cost: $100.00 per participant

For more details and registration, please visit: www.socaltraverse.com or you can email us at:


Posted by Ezclimb a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ellsworth Truth from Santa Monica on 08/30/04


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