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You out there? I can't ride dirt for a few months or so. Long painful road rides sound interesting?
Posted by FFW a 47 year old Road Warrior riding a steely bike from Palmdale on 11/28/05

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    What up brah? How was Burnt Peak? I just got back from Mendo and couldn't bare to get back in the car.
    Why no mountain? The finger still bad or did you get some surgery?
    I'd be up for some long hammerfests.
    Paz Afuera
    Posted by Papisimo riding a a fugly green road bike on 11/28/05

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      Hey Papo! how was your holiday?

      Didn't ride burnt since I re-tweaked the pinky on the punchbowl ride thursday showing off in front of the women. Wimpered and cried like a baby :@ Definitely need surgery now (need a brain implant)

      did a 100 mile SM/PCH flog instead. anyhow...I still want to hit Wrightwood before it gets too cold. I'm thinking up an evil route:

      Big Tujunga from SFV
      Angeles Forest
      Ft Tejon Rd
      Big Pine Hwy to Wrightwood
      go back the same way or take the not much easier Soledad Cnyn back to the Valley.

      crap, my nuts curled up just re-reading that - maybe a hit all the hard climbs on Mulhulland ride? I got next Sat or Sunday open. Anyone interested or already got something planned - let me know

      Posted by FFW a 47 year old Road Warrior riding a need for floggin from Palmdale on 11/28/05

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