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 Speeding Up My Bike Or Get a Tricycle . . .?
We have been developing a TriCycle, from this Tricycle technology came
a technology which can be attached to any bicycle, if you want real
power to come from your peddles and the ability to transfer that power to
the ground, then you should consider our technology ; we call it
With our technology, any average rider can pull away from a
seasoned racer, no BS, email us: aldyoilery@yahoo.com , or
call 1510 785 7931.
thirty (30) mile per hour bike(s) from regular peddle power.
See our Trike:
Posted by Collde a 40? year old Racer riding a Scorpion TriCycle from San Fran, Ca., USA on 08/14/05

Scorpion TriCycles

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  •  Re: Speeding Up My Bike Or Get a Tricycle . . .?
    Dude! That trike is sick! You must have sniffed a teener when building it.
    Posted by Intenserider2 a 30 year old riding a VT and an OG Intense Spyder from Colorado on 09/23/05

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