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Help and Information and are now Trail Partners with TOPO! Interactive CD Maps.

As Trail Partners with TOPO! we can now offer TOPO! Users TOPO! Trails to download and use with their TOPO! CD-ROMs.

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How do I post my trail?
Posting your Trail files on the site is easy! Simply use TOPO! to mark out the trail with all the information you want. Bookmark the trail and save your .tpo or .tpg file with the trail name . Then email the file to Please include the name of the trailhead name, directions, your name, and location. We will contact you when your Trail file is posted.

How do I download a TOPO! Trail?

  1. Click on the TOPO! icon from the trail listing or go to the trail and click on the TOPO! Files icon.
  2. Save it in the "TOPO!" directory on your hard drive.
  3. Launch TOPO!. The "Open File" dialog will appear asking you to select a .tpo file to open. Choose your .tpo file and click "OK."
  4. Click the Bookmark tool. By selecting a Bookmark, you can zoom right to the featured trails.
User assumes all risk associated with the use of this .tpo file. As with all maps and map-related data,inaccuracies may exist and conditions may change.

What are TOPO! Trails?
TOPO! Trails are free, downloadable files that provide up-to-date information for use with TOPO! CD-ROMs. TOPO! Trail files are small text files (.tpo and .tpg) that enhance your CD-ROM. They are quick to download and easy to install. By downloading trails and gps waypoints, you can customize TOPO! CD-ROMs to your needs and interests. Files are provided by enthusiastic TOPO! users like you. We think you will find TOPO! Trails to be great way to find new places to ride.

What are TOPO! CD-ROMs?
TOPO! CD-ROM?s provide everything you need to explore and print perfect trail maps. Each CD-ROM includes seamless USGS maps enhanced with digital elevation data and powerful TOPO! software. Five levels of map detail are combined with easy-to-use tools to allow you to personalize the maps with routes, labels, and symbols. Each product contains between 100-200 maps and provides extensive coverage of a given area. For more information, visit the TOPO! Website.

How do TOPO! Trails and TOPO! CD-ROMs work together?
To use TOPO! Trails, you must be a TOPO! CD-ROM user. The downloadable files are created using TOPO! and are stored as small text files. In order to view a file in all its glory, you need a CD-ROM to provide the base map. The map is the canvas and the file is the paint.These files enhance your CD-ROM and they are quick and easy to download. Files can be saved to your hard drive and they can be sent easily through e-mail.

How do I purchase TOPO! products?
All TOPO! products can be purchased at major map, book, and outdoor specialty retailers. Or, you can order online from REI. For more information, visit the TOPO! Website.

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