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Turnbull Canyon - Whittier Trailhead - Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Turnbull Canyon - Whittier - Los Angeles County
From 10 fwy go south on 605 fwy exit beverly bl. go east on beverly bl. go 3 miles and park on side of the road when you just enter the canyon it turns into Turnbull cyn..trail enterance is on the left. Its a fire road to the top for 5 miles, then it has many single track. Great for after work ride into the sunset.
Another option to getting there off of the 605 Beverly exit is to take the 60 eastbound off of the 605 and exit off at Seventh Ave. From there go right to the top of the road, take another right to the dead end. Slip through the fence and climb a series of switchbacks that will get you on your way.
Thomas Guide page 677
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