Pt. Mugu State Park(Sycamore Canyon) - Point Mugu or Newbury Park Trailhead - #Pt.MuguStatePark(SycamoreCanyon)
Pt. Mugu State Park(Sycamore Canyon) - Point Mugu or Newbury Park - Ventura County - #Pt.MuguStatePark(SycamoreCanyon)
This State Park can be accessed from 2 very different areas. From the beach side use Highway 1 (PCH) and head north of the L.A. county line to Point Mugu. Head up to Sycamore Canyon State Campground. Parking is $6.00 a day, camping is $18.00 a night. They have hot showers & flush toilets. The trail head is at the top of the campground not hard to find.


From the valley side take the 101 freeway to the city of Thousand Oaks, get off at Lynn road and go South. Take Lynn a couple miles and go left on Wendy Drive. You should soon find the trailhead at the end of Wendy Drive.
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Sycamore/Guadalasca - We rode Sycamore Canyon on March 31. It looks like a lot of work has been done to repair the damage from the rains WITH THE EXCEPTION OF Guadalasaca. There are lots of ruts on the upper part, but watch out for a huge washout on the lower part. The drop off is about 5 feet and will mess you and your bike. We started on the Wendy side, rode Wood Canyon to the main road to the beach. Back up Overlook to Guadalasca. 26.2 miles total.
old gringo a 62 year old Cross-Country Rider
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Sycamore Canyon - Very odd weather today. Lots of high clouds and even some raindrops. We rode 23 miles from Wendy, down the canyon to PCH, back up Overlook, down Hell Hill to the canyon, and back. A little over three hours.
old gringo a 59 year old Cross-Country Rider
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Sycamore Canyon - Foggy and cool today which, along with hard-packed trails, made for great conditions. The only problems were an overflowing campground on the PCH end and a marathon which put a couple of hundred extra runners on the trails. We still managed to get in a good 23-miler.
old gringo a 59 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Nice bike
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Backbone update... - Just to clarify, the work wasn't overseen by CORBA. CORBA regularly maintains the Backbone as singletrack from Temescal fireroad all the way down to Will Rogers State Historical Park. The work was done by a recently hired trail supervisor for the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy (I might have been one of the other affiliated gov't organizations that has oversight in the region). It was performed unilaterally by the trail supervisor without proper authorization or review by the higher-ups. When CORBA heard what had happened, they protested immediately, as did most of the members of a Thursday night ride group that I ride with...our primary loop involves that stretch of the Backbone.

The proper people have been notified at the SMMC, and they were equally displeased and put an end to the devastating work. Fortunately, only the first two miles were 'dozed, which leaves most of the downhill portion of the trail still in good shape.
dromy a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Gary Fisher Roscoe III from Sherman Oaks, CA
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Beware of work on Backbone - Rode Wood Vista (Backbone Trail) the other day and sad to report that some terrible asinine trail work has been done on this trail. Sadly this work was organized by CORBA who should assure that the work they do is well thought out and will do good for the trail long term, not the other way around. Not only will this work cause some serious damage once the rains come, but the trenches and holes that were dug into the trail are in terrible spots that could cause serious injury to riders coming down the trail. Be safe and watch out for these traps.

Please keep in mind I am not one to rant about trail work and I respect the heck out of anyone that is willing to volunteer their time and put forth crazy effort to make our trails better. (Heck I have worked countless hours myself and I know how hard the work is). But trail work should make the trail better and there needs to be a better understanding of the work that is done and the effect it will have on a trail. The trench’s put in place a few weeks ago are going to cause serious washouts, massive water ruts and sadly maybe a broken collarbone or two from bikers whose front tires get caught in these terrible traps.

Willy a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast
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Sycamore - We rode here on October 10. Perfect weather in the beginning but a little warm going back up the black thing. There were a few muddy spots on Wood Canyon and the main trail. Overlook was awesome. And much better going down hell hill than up. 24.1 miles in three hours seven minutes.
old gringo a 58 year old Cross-Country Rider
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Backbone/Guadalasco - Started on Los Robles trail at felton,took this to Sycamore.Wild flowers are in full bloom and thick,plenty of lizards,rabbits and kind of weird but no ticks yet for me this year which is rather nice.Took the various single tracks to the bottom of Backbone and started climbing.I havnt been herefor a few weeks and last ride Backbone was knaly descending,w/ruts,rocks,washouts ect.Very fun.This time it was graded all the way up by a trail cat.It hasnt been done in years and it needed it so right now it is a little loose and smoothe but a couple of rains will bring back the challenge.It was a nice climb and took the fire road to Guadalasco and it was a ruff and challenging as it ever has been.Im sure it is on the plow list but right now its as ruff as ever.Not technical but plenty of places to get hurt if you want to go fast.A very fun trail.I always check for other riders climbing and when its clear take off.It is in killer condition now and I rode down it and took Wood cyn back.I am just plain lucky to have this ride practically in my back yard.So mush fun,I think I will do it in reverse tomorrow.Also,taking Los Robles from felton to Sycamore is some of the best single track in the area.Not very many riders on the stretch from potrero to te top of Rosewood.a jewel of a trail in the area.Stud Hill is very challenging right now.
Jmomma a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Heckler
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Sycamore Canyon - This is a great place to ride because it has fire roads, single track, tough climbs, easy climbs, and great scenery. There is a great map at
old gringo a 57 year old Cross-Country Rider
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Need some information - I have never rode this trail but have heard good things. Is it a straight fire road, or more of a trail. How many miles from Wendy entrance to the beach side? I want to try it out next week.
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Sycamore Canyon - We rode here today, June 28. Great conditions. Started at the Wendy trailhead, down the canyon to Wood Canyon, up Hell Hill to Overlook to the beach,, and back up the main canyon road.
old gringo a 56 year old Cross-Country Rider
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Sycamore bugs!! - Bring your insect repellent. We rode here today, April 18, and the gnats and mosquitoes on Hell Hill were awful. State Park Service is grading Overlook and it's in good shape, except for a few loose spots.
Old Gringo a 56 year old
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Sycamore - Rode here today, March 21. Started at the Wendy trailhead, went to the main canyon road to PCH, then back up Overlook to Hell Hill, down to the main road and out. Overlook has been plowed from the PCH side of the main road to Hell Hill and is in good shape most places. There are some soft spots so watch out. There is no water is the stream and only a few mud puddles elsewhere. Everything is green.
old gringo a 56 year old
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Flowers are out at Sycamore Cyn - Started from Wendy trailhead, down Sycamore Cyn to Two Foxes, then on to the Sycamore Cove beach and returned the same route. The creek crossings are dry, the poppy's are out in spots and the parrots near Sycamore Cove campground were squawking. We even saw some whales spouting out from Sycamore Cove beach. The Two Foxes single track is in great shape. It was great to take a Monday off and ride!
Jerry Ventura BOMB a 55 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Fuel EX9.9 from Simi
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Sycamore - Great ride today. We started at the Wendy trailhead, then down the BB to Wood Canyon. Then up HH to Overlook where we went a little north before heading to the sea. Back up the main canyon road. The stream seems to be drying out very quickly. Conditions are very good everywhere.
old gringo a 55 year old
Posted on 07/13/08 Alert moderators of this post
Sycamore Canyon - This is one of the best places to ride on scorching days such as we have had recently. We rode here on June 21 and 22. Started too late both days so we were climbing up the BB at around 11:30 on the 21st. Conditions are very good on the main trail, Two Foxes, Wood Canyon, and Overlook.
old gringo a 55 year old riding a Ellsworth Truth
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Sycamore - Perfect conditions again today. Except for a couple of soft spots on the main trail, it is all good. We did Wood Ranch and Two Foxes, too. Five stream crossings on the main trail and two on Wood Ranch. 30.8 total miles.
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Sycamore Canyon - Absolutely perfect conditions yesterday, March 16. Everything is so green from the recent rains. Not too many ruts. And there isn't that much water in the streams. We did 22 miles from the Wendy trailhead, Wood Canyon, up Hell Hill to Overlook, and back down to the main trail.
old gringo a 55 year old
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This is the most complete map for the santa monica moutains biking trails that will ever be. Enjoy.
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Sycamore - Conditions are still great as of May 19. We started at the Wendy trailhead, went down the main road into the canyon until we got to Wood Ranch, then up Hell Hill to Overlook.
old gringo a 54 year old
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Conditions are Perfect - Rode last weekend. Did over half the trails in the park. Hell Hill is perfect right now, steep but not rutted and very tacky. Still a hard climb even in the cool and perfect conditions. And yes I am talking about Hell Hill, not the asphalt hill at the end of the canyon that some confuse for it. Guadalusca is great. Lots of rocks to keep you on your toes and a bit bumpy, but still just a blast going down. Sage trail is great and the very technical sections seem to have mellowed out a bit. The steep creek crossing is actually doable right now. Sin Nombre and Two Foxes are smooth fun fast rides and perfect as always. The main canyon, other then being crowded is smooth and tacky and all stream crossings are dry. Overlook is perfect and the climb up gets the legs humming after three major climbs out of the canyon. Some puddles around but they are easy to avoid. In addition to the great conditions the grass is finally starting to turn green and the wildflowers should be following in a few months. Get out there. Sycamore will be at its best over the next two months. Rode 28 miles in all and 4,300 feet of climbing.
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Coyote Trail is Open - Bikes are now allowed. Get out and enjoy this great trail. It is a blast. Not allowed on the new trail that vears off to the left about 1/4 of the way down from the water tower side, or heading uphill when it takes off, but once that is done word is that will be open to bikes as well. Lets hope it will be done soon.
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Wrong season! - Ceartainly the wrong season. Those pics were snapped in the middle of spring. Even Cheese-bro looks like a saltine cracker this time of year.

If you DO get a chance to hit Sycamore in the spring, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's actually one of the very best places for wildflowers and wildlife in this part of Cali.
Dr Wellington Yueh
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Not worth treking for. - I loaded up my bike this morning @ 7AM and hauled myself an hour & 1/2 West from Pasadena for what I thought was going to be a great ride with a great view. My hats off to the photographer who took the pics in pics section. I was suckered in by them.
Unbeknownst to me this place was dryer than the Mojave. This summers heat must have scortched the vegetation dry this year. Their is a lot of conservation work going around the park to bring it back to what it look like before.
This conservation effort is closing many of the trails that use to be open to bikes and equestrians to HIKERS only. For the most part people where friendly. I saw a couple of bikers going through areas that are banned for bikes very BIG SIGNS ARE POSTED people and watch out for the rangers they are everywhere. You'd think they were patroling the border or something.
If you live locally it's not a bad place. If you don't and you have to drive more than an hour to get there. Not worth the ride. If you didn't believe this post and you went anyway. Save your weekend and try Chesebro Canyon it's east on the 101 from Pt. Mugu. Not a bad ride even though there are lots of hikers and equestrians.

Steve Austin a 35 year old Weekend Warrior
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Sycamore - We rode this one on 10/7. Started at the Wendy trailhead, down to the canyon, Coyote, Wood Ranch, Hell Hill, Overlook south, then back up Overlook to Guadalasca, Wood Ranch back to the start. 30 miles in a little over four hours riding time. All the sections fo the trails were in great shape.
old gringo a 54 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ellsworth Isis from Chatsworth
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I Found an Electronic Device! - I Found an Electronic Device near the front of Sycamore Canyon. E-mail me the make and model of what I found and I will make sure it finds its way back to you.

Matt from Newbury Park E-mail:this user
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