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Sullivan Canyon - Brentwood Trailhead - Sunday, March 29, 2015
Sullivan Canyon - Brentwood - Los Angeles County
Sullivan Canyon is accessed a follows. Sunset Blvd. west from 405 Frwy. Right on Mandeville Canyon Rd. , Left on Westridge, Left on Bayliss, take second left. This road should be extremely short and end in a wooden gate across the road. The trail is accessed by walking (or riding) past this gate.
Parking is also a bit of a problem. Parking is restricted during practical riding hours for about a block away. Beyond this parking is allowed. The reason for this restriction is that neighbors complained of unruly Mtn. Bikers. Trash, urine, and other disruptions on their front lawns were not tolerated....wonder why.
The trail is quite literally an access road for the Ca. Gas Co. It gets overgrown, and washed by the rains that in a year or so after being rebuilt, it turns into a practical single track. About 3 years ago before the big rains, it was an awesome trail. It was reviewed highly in Mtn. Bike mags. It is still cool today, but in a few weeks it will be almost like a fire road, with a few single track cutoffs along the way. Thomas Guide page 631
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