Skyline/Schabarum Park - La Habra Heights Trailhead - #Skyline/SchabarumPark
Skyline/Schabarum Park - La Habra Heights - Los Angeles County - #Skyline/SchabarumPark
From the 60 freeway, Exit on Hacienda Blvd. and go south. Make a right turn on Colima road and after go over the top of the hill there is a new parking lot on the left. Park there.(Free Parking)
To start at Schabarum Park take the 60 freeway and exit on Azusa Ave. and go south. Make a left turn on Colima road. The park is right there. Thomas Guide page: 678,707
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Sunday 2/10/2013 - I started in Montebello from Grant Rea Park. I entered the bridle trail and headed North towards Whittier Narrows Dam. Over the dam and continued on the bridle trail to San Gabriel Blvd. Followed the bike path to San Gabriel River Parkway and dropped into the the East bank of the San Gabriel River and headed North, made it over 3 water crossings and popped out at Rose Hills Road. As you head East on Rose Hills Road just past the 605 freeway on the North side is an iron gate. I dropped in going around the gate and followed the bridle trail that runs along a sound wall and the 605 freeway. Eventually I ended up at Workman Mill Road after three equestrian tunnels. This is the West end trail head for Skyline Drive. Climbed up to the Turnbull Canyon water tank. The downhill return is fast and technical in some spots. Lots of hikers in the Nature Preserve on weekend and some construction during week. Muted views from the Nike base because of the weather. This route is mostly flat. The only climb is from Workman Mill Road to the water tank. 24 miles round trip.
gtoffmycld a 55 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 6000 from Montebello, CA
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Westside!! 2/5/2012 - I started this trail at the west end, near Workman Mill Rd. I headed East up the combination of bridle trail and paved road to the Nike Missle Site. Crystal clear views of the San Gabriels to the North and Santa Catalina Island to the Southwest. I headed down the switchbacks to the part of the trail between Puente Hills landfill and Rose Hills Memorial. I made my way into the Natural Habitat Area. I decided to skip the water tank and crossed over Turnbull Cyn. Rd. and continued to the Cow Trail. I dropped into the singletrack that is Worsham Cyn. Conditions are great, fast and sparsely populated. Worsham Cyn. dumps you out behind Whittier College at Penn St. I took Penn St to the Whittier Greenway and back to Montebello. 17.5 miles roundtrip.
gtoffmycld a 54 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 6000 from Montebello, Ca
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Trails are vegetated beyond riders view of hikers. Use extra caution on curves. Some parts of the roads have been damaged by rain and are in bad condition (adds to the adrenaline rush when going down hill)
Raul Vasquez a 41 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Rocky Mountain Element from Victorville , ca
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Amar switchbacks and new trails - County cleared the Amar switchbacks again, and recently proceeded in clearing the portion from the water tanks down to Grand Ave.

The switchbacks still has the ridiculously patchy soft spots here and there.

New equestrian trails established leading west from the water tanks.

Ride to the top of Lemon Avenue and turn left on some "Walnut" street...enjoy some of these old hilltop views of LA before they're covered with new homes...
WalnutXCKnightRider a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 08 Stumpjumper Comp from Walnut
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Biking from old fullerton road - Well i just find out about this trail by the la habra cyclery store. The way I been riding this trail is from the old Fullerton road, starting at the "Powder Canyon Open Space" (Just by Pathfinder Rd)
And you start with a big power climb, the cardio workout is tremendous. Follow the trail up in the hill and continue all the way till it gets you down to the main trail that takes you to the "Schabarum Park". At that point I make a left, to get back to the end of this trail going past the stables. I just went hiking the same route and took lots of pictures that I will be posting today. Really nice trail and theres more for me to look around this trails.

marcoracing a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Hardrock from La Habra, CA
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Ask and you shall receive... - After my Labor day weekend encounter with that fence by the water towers, I asked Standard Pacific Homes to remove it since these trails are COUNTY maintained trails...They got that fence removed the next week. :)
WalnutXCKnightRider a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Rockhopper Disc 08
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Amar swtichbacks /San Jose River - A SOB from Standard Pacific Homes decided to fence off the the trail by the water tanks above the Amar switchbacks. You can continue north by pulling at the bottom of the fence and squeeze yourself and your bike through. :)

I'm still going west on Skyline along the San Jose River from Walnut to the City of Industry. It's mostly flat asphalt:

Begin by going south on the trail from Lemon Creek Park. It'll lead to a tunnel underneath Valley Blvd. Continue west past Fairway, Nogales, and Fullerton Road. Go south on Lawson Street. At the Railroad/Lawson intersection, find the Skyline/Schabarum trail sign. From there, you will go underneath the tracks and end up behind the Toys'r'Us. (BTW...hold your breath and watch out for hobo dookie while going underneath the tracks ;) From there head sorth on Stone Creek and behind the McDonalds. The hill on your left is Fossil Hill. Turn left/east on Colima to go to a trail that leads to a long underground tunnel...I dunno where it goes...its dark and lit by eerie sodium vapor lights. Turn right/west to head toward Schabarum Park on Colima/Azuza.

The trails on Schabarum Park are hard/dusty/wide as always...enjoy!

WalnutXCKnightRider a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '08 Specialized Rockhopper Disc from Walnut
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Amar Switchbacks / Skyline Trail -
Spring 2008:
Switchbacks became a single track lush-green jungle from the bottom of Amar Road to the the top by the water towers, and back down Skyline Trail to Grand Avenue.

Summer 2008:
In July, the county sent a bulldozer to clean the San Jose Hills portion of Schabarum Trail. The track is wide again. A majority of the Amar Switchback is loose gravel.

Check out the new homes from the top of the tower. From here, you can see Downtown L.A...even through the valley smog!

Newly established trails:
From the two water towers on top of the switchbacks, you can continue the traditional way down Skyline which takes you back down to to Grand. Explore a bit West from the tanks into the new homes and you'll catch the freshly packed trail along the new North Lemon Avenue. Take caution! You can go downhill on the new hard packed trail at extreme speeds...Enjoy!!! :)

Chino Hills Earthquake (07/29/08):
The quake caused a couple of rocky landslides on the newly bulldozed Amar Switchbacks. These are seen as large fresh rubble of clay rocks and dried brush covering portions of the bulldozed trail.

Watch out for rattlesnakes nesting on the switchback walls. No signs warn about the habitat in this region but I've seen rattlesnakes and an occasional pack of deer on the San Jose Hills/Schabarum/Skyline Trail.
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Can anyone provide a map to the De Anza trail which runs between Schabarum Park to Murphy Ranch Park (whittier)..? Anyone familiar with the trail..? Any fun..?
chepe454 a Cross-Country Rider
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Walnut section NOT closed off - From the water tank, you can continue north on the newly cut road, over the small rise, then cut right (east) to get back on the trail.

Condition-wise, the section between Amar & Grand has packed down nicely since the last grading. The section east of Grand gets more horse traffic and it's a little loose near the top. BEWARE: The section that connects the two residential streets after the descent from Buzzard Peak is swampy with funky mud! To make matters worse, it's badly pot-holed and doesn't drain correctly. I would recommend taking a right on the 1st residential street and calling it a day.
EgregiousAngel a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Ventana from West Covina
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Dead End~ - The trail starting from amar to climb up to Bellgates are still there. However, if you try to climb to the top, you will find that you are locked out from proceeding to skyline trail. The top of the hill is where schabarum trail connects to the skyline trail. The skyline trail downhill is a blast~ I can't find another trial that have more fun than this one!! However, since the lock out at the trail top, we have no access to the top of skyline trail unless you climb it from west side of Grand!

However, the continue of skyline trail from the east of grand, you will see a little rusty sign saying skyline trail. It is hell of a climb up that hill, 30% shade, and you get a pretty good steep downhill after climbing.BEWARE!! you are climbing to the top of the mountain!!

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Great condition!!! - First time back since 2001. Trail is in awesome condition. Switchbacks (just pass the stables) are hard pack - easy rolling. Downhillrun at the powerlines were loose sections. Overall great riding. The weather was perfect too!

Medical center at the corner of Colima and Azusa no longer avaialbe for parking...i guess it hasnt been for several years.

anyhow, get out and ride - Ride HARD, Ride FAST!!!
Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a n Intense 5.5 from Corona, CA
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Trail! - To cross from the West to East side of Grand Ave, go down the hill fifty yards or so to the first minor cross street (Hillside Dr.). The east side picks up on the other side of the intersection - look for the rusty Schabarum Trail sign. It climbs up as far as Buzzards Peak, then descends the other side into Glendora (near the 10 fwy / Holt ave intersection).

There's a pretty good description of this trail on the second page of updates (around #40, i'm guessing).
luap a 43 year old riding a positively sad POS from walnut, ca
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Trail? - Recently hiked from Amar Rd in Walnut to Grand Ave in West Covina.It was a easy hike and bulldozer made a wide trail.But I have a question does the trail go farther than that? I had stopped at west side of Grand Ave, but didn't see any other trail head is there one on the other side of Grand? if so, where do I find it and where does it go?
JAF a Cross-Country Rider from WEST COVINA E-mail:this user
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Amar trail bulldozed (sob) - Be careful what you wish for - you might get it. :'-(

The Amar switchbacks were "cleaned up" last week, by a dozer. Either the driver didn't know what he was doing, or he worked hard to erase all the rain channels - in many spots the trail is now dug a good foot down into the ground. And, of course, since it's a dozer, the trail is now about five feet wide bottom to top - no more singletrack.

I climbed about 3/4 of the hill - it's extremely loose and requires lots of dabs & pushing in spots. I didn't have the heart to go to the top and see if the same has been done on the Covina side.

No fun. No fun at all. After a couple years, some good rains & careful use, we might get our singletrack back ...

- Paul
luap a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a totally embarassing POS from walnut
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Amar Switchbacks Cleaned Up - Spent a few hours over the last couple weeks cleaning up the west end of the Walnut trail segment, from Amar up to the water tower. If the city can't find time to do it, I figured I'd skip a ride or two and wield a rake instead.

Most of the trail is now restored. I generally stuck to the packed singletrack line wherever possible, including the lower climb, canyon trail and the top climb up to the water tower. Most of that final climb is now singletrack, instead of the wide dirt road of the past, including a short loose rocky section right in the middle of the steepest part of the climb. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of trail maintenance workers? ;-)

There are still a few short areas lingering in the middle of the switchbacks that need more TLC, where the trail detours around heavy brush and is in soft soil (some of which is perilously close to the edge of the hill), but it's now rideable bottom to top and in pretty good shape.

Enjoy! Ride it often, & keep the new crop of weeds at bay.

- Paul
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Last chance trail ... - Forgot to include a "new" trail that parallels the Amar/Grand climb. Not exactly legal, most likely, but interesting.

Right at the intersection of Lemon & Amar, next to the Schabarum trail sign, the fence is down, and you can climb the itty bitty hill and onto a dirt road to the left. The road crosses the canyon and then climbs (at like 30-35% grade) up the hill, with some anti-erosion widgets lain across it. Really, REALLY a tough climb - I can't climb it w/o stopping at least twice. Once you top out, you can follow the road around and up onto the Winnet motorway, and then head right & down to the water tower & the true trail. For a fun downhill (besides just turning around), take the overgrown bit of a truck trail to the right just after joining Winnet, and then bomb the face of the hill & rejoin the main road.

This will all be bulldozed starting in December for a new housing development, so don't expect the trail to last past then.

- Paul
luap a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a sub-Huffy from Walnut, CA E-mail:this user
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Update to the Update - Cheated yesterday and parked at the top of the trail, bypassing the climb from Amar.

After negotiating the firebreak plowing, the trail down to Grand Ave. is in good shape. The spiders were still out in force, so I used my secret weapon: a dried mustard plant held up in front to "sweep" them out of the way. Looked mighty silly, I'm sure, holding it up off the bar end on the right while my left did all the braking. Nearly endoed several times braking hard for spiders, switchbacks & the occasional downed tree :) If you do travel this way, be cautious around the lower switchbacks. The creek has eroded much closer to the trail, and if you come around too fast it's a long drop into the ditch.

The ride north-east from Grand does indeed get much more traffic than the Amar-Grand hillclimb; the trail is in excellent shape overall. There was one significant washout, covered with plastic tarp, and many areas have more/deeper washouts than usual, but very rideable.

I went as far as the end of the singletrack, to Buzzard's Peak, and then rode back the same trail. Nice to blast it without the worry of spiders! Maybe next time I'll take an unsuspecting ride partner, and let them clear the trail first .... >:-}

- Paul
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Walnut Schabarum trail update - This trail is currently a serious off-road adventure.

The climb up the switchbacks from Amar to Winnet Motorway is tough - really tough. The first short climb still has a deep rut from the rains that makes ascending and descending much more technical than usual. There is an abandoned car (!) that lost it at the 3rd switchback during the fall rains, and chewed up the trail something fierce (the car is still there at the bottom of the canyon). Brush is insanely overgrown, to 8 ft. tall in some areas. I've been trying to make it up this all spring/summer, and finally this last Monday managed to crest the top. The last uphill to the water tower has still not been cleared - it's just solid mustard & thistle, but if you're willing to hike-a-bike or do some impromptu brush crashing it can be done.

I did drop partway down the Covina side, past the firebreak plowed over the top of the trail. It's rideable, but very loose. After the firebreak, the trail is quite rideable under the trees. Partway down the singletrack, I gave up after about the 10th big spiderweb (with spider attached) and climbed back up, but the trail seemed in decent shape.

Eyeballing the trailhead north of Grand Ave. toward Glendora looks pretty good - at least that appears to be getting some use, but I haven't gone far enough to warn on the certain washouts etc. that will be lurking for the intrepid.

This trail could use some serious help!

- Paul
Luap a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a sub-Huffy from Walnut, CA
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Rayzorx? Walnut Schabarum Trail? - Has anyone been out on the Schabarum trail off of Amar Rd in Walnut? I havent been there in a while, and might consider riding out there if conditions are good.
King Solomon a 31 year old Weekend Warrior from Chino Hills, CA
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Rayzorx? Walnut Schabarum Trail? - Has anyone been out on the Schabarum trail off of Amar Rd in Walnut? I havent been there in a while, and might consider riding out there if conditions are good.
King Solomon a 31 year old Weekend Warrior from Chino Hills, CA
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Overgrown and Eroded - Since no one has posted conditions lately, I had go check it out myself.
Rode on Sunday up from Fullerton Road, left up the steep trail at the fork and down the single track to the park. The single track is badly overgrown at the top. There is a lot of erosion and there are some big ditches to cross, so ride cautiously. I didn't try switchbacks, because it looked pretty overgrown. Rode back on the main road and had to go around a sun bathing rattler.
Lot's of wildflowers to see if you're into that.

Iguana riding a Caterpillar D-7 from Fullerton
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Schabarum - I was asked to clarify the Schabarum Trail situation - or at least what we know about it. The Schabarum Trail at the 57 Freeway is not public because the private land owner (AERA Energy- or otherwise known as Exxon, Shell, Mobile Oil) does not allow it. They are proposing a 3,600 residential development some time in the future. If you would like more information about the trail - please call Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation - They are the 'keepers' of the trail and are responsible for maintaining it. The Habitat Authority (park agency that owns Powder Canyon and nearby natural lands) does not show the Schbarum Trail on its web site at the 57 Freeway because it is outside of our jursidication.
Andrea Gullo E-mail:this user URL:
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Dedication? - on 9/22/04 someone said that this trail(from the Brea Canyon side) was dedicated a few years back. Does anyone have any proof of this?
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Dedication? - on 9/22/04 someone said that this trail(from the Brea Canyon side) was dedicated a few years back. Does anyone have any proof of this?
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