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Riverside County

Simpson Park - Hemet

from the 15: West on Winchester from Temecula to Hemet. Go Right on Domenigoni and continue to State St., go left.
Go to Stetson Ave. and turn right. Go to Dartmouth St.and turn right. Turn left at Crest St. Turn right on Vista del Valle, and follow this up as it turns into Rawlings road and stay right. Go to picnic area across street from picnic bathrooms. Trailhead starts here. Parking is also available here.
GPS: Latitude:33.702793 Longitude:-116.918757 Elevation:
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  1. Simpson Loop to Ramona Cross - MTB Mark of Hemet guided us around this sweet, sweet singletrack trail and it was PRIME. All hardpack and very smooth and buffed. We later took the transcon trail to the Ramona Cross and the ride was a bit technical, requiring about 15% hike-a-bike. The high jumps were cool - but we just rolled over them because it was our first time here.

    Once you reach the Ramona cross, the views of San Jacinto Valley is breathtaking. We will definitely be back to ride all of the many trails of this network.

    Hemet should be thankful somebody is DEVOTED enough to build and maintain this jewel of the Inland Empire.
    Ride rating: Intermediate
    Ride distance: 10.66 Elevation change: 600ft
    Singletrack=75% Dirt Road=5% Truck Trail=15%
    Zachariah a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 21-pound Cannondale F2000SL Hardtail from Palm Desert, CA E-mail: piloti951@yahoo.com
    Posted on 05/22/10 Alert moderators of this post

  2. Trails are in rare form. Nicely groomed up top. Sand is at a minimum due to the recent rains.If you are looking for a fun short ride, Start at the parking lot ride up toward the park to the cattle gate. Ride past the gate and up a small incline. Look for the trail head to the left. Climb up till it levels out. Follow trail down and to the left until you reach the rocks. Turn right. Stay on the trail until you reach the road.Cross road. Next trail head is slightly to your left. Follow trail to the fire road and turn right. Climb the fire road to the asphalt and turn left. Cilmb until you are at the picnic tables.Your at the top. Ride past the tables to the next trail head. Follow the trail down keeping to the right until you reach the next cattle gate. Pass though the gate, starting your decent keeping to the right, when the trail splits make sure you stay to the right.Decent continues for about a 3/4 mile. you will flatten out and start a gradually climb back up to a fire road, at the fireroad turn right. If you stay on the road you end up back at the first cattle gate. However if you want to do the loop again take the 1st trail head on your right and start you climb again. The toal loop is only about 1.5 miles so doing a couple times is feesable. Its a good Novice to Intermediate warm up lap or great beginner loop cause its hard to get lost and your always close to a road.
    Mikebravo a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider
    Posted on 03/11/10 Alert moderators of this post
  3. Simpson Park - Too many trails that branch off the main road to list. The Map provided was usesless...but it's close to home. The Park closes early (5pm) so have a friend or family drop you off at the top and pick you up by the High School at the bottom of the Hill. Great Trails all over, but watch out you can easily ride into the yard of some tucked away homes, and they do have dogs.
    Ride rating: Intermediate
    Ride distance: varies Elevation change:
    Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=15% Paved Path=5%
    KurtD a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Diamond Back Recoil from Hemet, Ca
    Posted on 12/26/09 Alert moderators of this post
  4. Simpson Park - Hemet - Rode this trail for the first time Saturday (12/31/09) The map I got was terrible, very hard to read. We took off from the upper parking lot, found the main trail, then ventured off on an awesome down hill course. It was a high speed semi-techical trail. A fun factor 8.5 for sure. The trails were nicely groomed, i will be doing this again this coming week end.
    Ride rating: Intermediate
    Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
    ddbyrd3 a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant Reign II
    Posted on 02/02/09 Alert moderators of this post
  5. Simpson park trails - This is a gem. LOTS of singletrack here. There are two defined loops, as well as an offshoot that runs up to the Ramona Cross which overlooks the Ramona bowl. There is plenty of singletrack complete with an abundance of boulders and switchbacks to test you techical skill. I found the trails to be a great challenge. Some of the turns are very sharp and flanked by boulders of every shape and size every where you look.....and ride. There are areas with jumps obviously geared towards the dh'er, but anyone that enjoys a challenging trail will have a blast here.
    Ride rating: Advanced
    Ride distance: 10 + miles Elevation change:
    Singletrack=80% Dirt Road=20%
    Guernicasongs a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary Fisher 29'er from Temecula
    Posted on 1/07/07
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