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Santa Ana River Trail - Angelus Oaks Trailhead - Friday, March 27, 2015
Santa Ana River Trail - Angelus Oaks - San Bernardino County
There are many ways to get to Highway 38, so that part is up to you. But, once you get to Highway 38, stop at the Mill creek Ranger sttion to get your Adventure Pass. They do patrol this are HEAVILY ($100 fine for not having it). Go up Hwy 38 about 8 miles. You will come to the town of Angelus Oaks. Park anywhere around the store and post office that is there, or go farther up HWY 38 and there is a rather large turnout where the majority of the riders park. If you do park here, you must ride back to the store if you want the trail I am describing with some ULTIMATE Single-track. Right by the post office their is a dirt road that heads off into the hills. Ride your bike up the dirt road, within a about two hundred yards you will hit the first part of the trail but if you go up the road another 2 miles you will come to more parts of the trail. You can go all the way to mentone on this trail. Thomas Guide page 55-57
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