Santa Ana River Trail - Angelus Oaks Trailhead - #SantaAnaRiverTrail
Santa Ana River Trail - Angelus Oaks - San Bernardino County - #SantaAnaRiverTrail
There are many ways to get to Highway 38, so that part is up to you. But, once you get to Highway 38, stop at the Mill creek Ranger sttion to get your Adventure Pass. They do patrol this are HEAVILY ($100 fine for not having it). Go up Hwy 38 about 8 miles. You will come to the town of Angelus Oaks. Park anywhere around the store and post office that is there, or go farther up HWY 38 and there is a rather large turnout where the majority of the riders park. If you do park here, you must ride back to the store if you want the trail I am describing with some ULTIMATE Single-track. Right by the post office their is a dirt road that heads off into the hills. Ride your bike up the dirt road, within a about two hundred yards you will hit the first part of the trail but if you go up the road another 2 miles you will come to more parts of the trail. You can go all the way to mentone on this trail. Thomas Guide page 55-57
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Trail Conditions
Rode SART from Glass road to Middle Control and back. This section of the trail is in great shape. Just a beautiful ride with the color changes.
Milehigh a 56 year old Cross-Country Rider
Posted on 12/02/14 Alert moderators of this post
Mostly a great ride but..... - Rode this trail today and found only two others riding together. I rode up the road that starts at the P.O. I was looking for the upper drop in but had a difficult time finding it because some logging work had moved it off the road. It is about 500 yards up the Ranger road and then 50 yards down a short road at the back of a clearing. the upper drop in isn't marked but the lower one is. It is near the P.O. maybe 200 yards up. The trail needs some serious work to make it great. The washouts are dangerous a few are not survivable if you slip. I was trying to make it to glass rd. but had to turn around about 2 mi. short due to a lack of fluids. I saw a 40-45 lb. Bob Cat running away from the trail. Made me wonder about Mountain Lions and Bears but no such luck today! You will get dusted several times by vehicles on the climb back out on M.C.R. Bring a dust mask, it worked great for me.

Paragon a 57 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Ti. hardtail 29er
Posted on 06/22/14 Alert moderators of this post
09/15/2013 - Rode from South Fork Campground to store. First 5 miles rocky in spots with a few washouts and downed trees. 2nd portion past 7 Oaks road in good condition except for a few downed trees.
Milehigh a 47 year old
Posted on 09/15/13 Alert moderators of this post
Thanks for the chainsaw work - The trail from glass rd to M C R has been cleared and the sections that I could find from A O to Morton were in decent shape. what an awesome trail
HONEYMELON a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a '11TREK Fuel EX8 from Crestline
Posted on 06/15/11 Alert moderators of this post
SART Challenging This Year... - Don't fall for all the hype, about this trail. This ride is a LOT of work. The 19 fallen trees we encountered here was draining all our energies, momentum and ride pace. The massive snowfalls this year really brought down many old-growth trees. The brushy overgrowth is also downright scary, as you gotta consciously dodge them on the technical DH sections...or else they will knock you down. This year, the ride is about 60% DH and 40% not steep, but grinding climbs. Bring as much energy snax and fluids as you can possibly carry. Air up your tires to at least 33psi, as the rock gardens will constantly bang your rims and try to rip your tires wide open. Mother Nature was NOT good to SART this year. Lets hope some trees/brush/rock can be cleared, making this trail the great epic ride it once was again.

TIP: Stage one shuttle car at the small lot, off SH38 (2E03 Fireroad Trail), instead of parking at Village Home Road. Logged 27.2 miles today.
Zachariah a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2010 Giant Anthem X2 - SRAM XX/XO gruppo from Palm Desert, CA E-mail:this user
Posted on 05/07/11 Alert moderators of this post

Good condition! - My friends rode it yesterday and its in good condition!
Add wildhorse trail just above southfork for a shuttle-able 7 miles of extra singletrack!
BigBearHostel a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Felt Virtue 2 from Big Bear Lake URL: Big Bear Mountain Bike Trail Guide
Posted on 05/10/09 Alert moderators of this post
IN GOOD CONDITION? - Thinking of doing S.A.R.T. tomorrow. Rideable?
a Cross-Country Rider riding a 2001 TREK STP 400 E-mail:this user
Posted on 04/30/09 Alert moderators of this post
in epic form - sart is in epic form again
Posted on 08/01/08 Alert moderators of this post
lots of trees down - Rode the section behind the post office for the first time in about a month. There were about 5 or 6 new trees that recently fell and are now blocking the trail. Where's chainsaw guy?
Posted on 10/22/07 Alert moderators of this post
SART Trail Conditions - Rode SART from South Fork Campground all the way to Angelus Oaks after riding from Angelus Oaks to South Fork via the fireroads.

The section just behind the restaurant down to middle control is very loose and dry and a tree is blocking the trail.....not very good conditions in my opinion...the rest of the trail is in A+ shape.
osmarandsara a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider
Posted on 08/04/07 Alert moderators of this post

west not south - it should be noted that dude in the last section pedalled west out of south fork, not south. south takes you up into ...
RoundemUp a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider from redlands
Posted on 05/07/07 Alert moderators of this post
Nice trail! - Rode the SART last Saturday and Sunday. Last weekend was the first time out on this trail. On Saturday we rode the trail from Angelas Oaks general store about 10 miles up before getting lost. The singletrack dropping off of the initial fireroad was really cool. We didn't follow the signs saying FS 2eo3 and that proved to be a mistake as we continued on to a path less traveled that ultimately let us out on private property. We backtracked and called it a day.

On Sunday we decided to leave from the South Fork Campground and headed south on the singletrack. The first part of the ride was most excellent. The twisty, rolling, slightly downhill trail was so fun and exciting to ride. It reminded me of trails in the northern parts of California. We got to the 4-way intersection that gives you the option to continue straight, head down to the river, or up to San G and Barton Flats Campgrounds. We decided to familiarize ourselves with the campground routes. It was fun riding to the campgrounds and it felt good knowing where the trail hooks up to the 3 different campgrounds. We returned to the SART and continued on past the paved Glass Road and on down through several spring crossings. One weird thing was that there was a very muddy part of the trail that led down to a stream crossing. It seems that there was some kind of underground spring that caused the trail to get muddy. The SART is a really fun trail that doesn't offer anything too sketchy. The views and twisty singletrack can't be beat! If you ride the whole thing in one shot I figure it would be about 34 fun miles of almost all singletrack. The climbs are short and of moderate grade. We turned back when we found were we got lost on the previous day. It was a great time, I would recommend it!
ICPAYDIRT a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Pacific Beach
Posted on 07/06/06 Alert moderators of this post

Did the Upper SART - Before it got cold, we were riding the Upper SART (little known section). Most people here talk about SART from Barton Flats tand down. Nobody talks about the section from South Fork to Seven Oaks. I however am talking about the section from South Fork up to the Fish Creek/Coon Creek Fork that's just past Heart Bar Camp Ground. We do the loop from South Fork up and back. There several crueling hike-a-bike alternate routes and the trail comes dangerously close to Wilderness (No Bikes) but overall the trail is the best part of SART (IMHO). Spotted beavers building a dam there a few years ago.
Trail starts on the right hand side of the entrance to the public campground (not the cabins) at South Fork.
Irsean a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cro-Mo antique from Redlands
Posted on 01/04/06 Alert moderators of this post
Full Fingered Gloves, go figure - Ya, it's definitely not warm on the trail nowadays but the solution is pretty simple. Dress warmly. Rode on Sunday in the afternoon from the Second trailhead a mile up the dirt road in Angelus Oaks through the best part of SART, easily the most fun sections... but they were covered with fallen limbs and trees from the windstorm the previous night. We cleared almost all but a few were too huge (but still walkable). It's actually fun clearing branches. The trail is definitely still rideable! Just get some full fingered gloves and some tights. Enjoy.
Bhayes81 a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Klein Attitude from Lake Forest, CA
Posted on 11/29/05 Alert moderators of this post
FROSTBITE - I rode the SART today probably for the last time this season.....Had a great ride up, but everyone froze their fingers on the way down.
I rode from Glass Road (east) to the split and then one mile up to Barton Flats Campground. The trail is covered in fall leaves hiding the many rocks that have made their way onto the trail also lots of bushes and tress need a little prune. Let's not forget all those accorns, and the wash outs with thousand foot death drops. I love it.
Posted on 11/27/05 Alert moderators of this post
11/5/2005 - I am heading up to the trail tomorrow or my first ride there ever. If anyone wants to guide a small group of 2 or 3 riders down the trail or just ride with us or something do we don't get lost and/or die just send me an e-mail. We try to start our rides early. I planned to go from the post office to south fork campground, but my buddies want to whimp out so we might just make it to glass road.
ridetheraam a 20 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a tricycle from rialto E-mail:this user
Posted on 11/04/05 Alert moderators of this post
AWESOME-The trail is in great condition except for a nice covering of acorns. A few bugs but otherwise a nice tour through the mountains. FYI-reference needing a adventure pass YOU DON'T. The notice of non-compliance you get has no consequence if you do not pay. Fight forest taxation-Just say no.
pauld932 a 45 year old Cross-Country Rider
Posted on 10/26/05 Alert moderators of this post
SWEEET! - Everyone should ride this trail. The T.K. Riders were in total bliss, the views the single track just figgin awsome. The trail condition was perfect lots of acorns, small water crossing and a cool mud pit crossing. S.A.R.T. is worth the drive from anywhere in So-cal so get up there before winter. Oh yeh lots and lots of wind.
T.K. Castle a 998 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a something something from Chino
Posted on 10/19/05 Alert moderators of this post
Not Burned - Just rode South Fork half way to glass road and theses sections are not burned. But whatch out for those ACORNS they are super slipery.
SARTrider riding a Trek ZX8000
Posted on 10/09/05 Alert moderators of this post
not burned - Rode post office to Glass Road 10/08/05. The fire did not affect this section of the trail. Watch out for the overabundance of acorns. They make things a little slippery.
threeschmidts a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a santa cruz heckler from yucaipa
Posted on 10/08/05 Alert moderators of this post
Fire? - Has the recent fire affected this trail? I know that the Angelus Oaks and Barton Flats areas were evacuated Sunday, but what is the current status?
I was thinking about riding this trail in the next few weeks.
Posted on 10/03/05 Alert moderators of this post
Rode this trail on Sat. Had a great time. Myself plus 4 others came down from Lancaster. The trail was in great shape. Rode from Angelus Oaks to Southfork and back. All the trees that were blocking have been removed but maybe 5 of them. For the guy on the SC Nomad I hope your day got better. Will most definitely try and ride again this season.
SS Barby a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2004 Marin Wolf Ridge from Edwards AFB, CA E-mail:this user
Posted on 09/05/05 Alert moderators of this post
Post Office Loop - Here is a link that might help. Look under SoCal Trails on the left side of page. Enjoy.
Maccoi a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale from BP URL: Mounatin Bike Bill
Posted on 08/26/05 Alert moderators of this post
Post office loop - I would like to find out some more info on the Post Office to Glass rd loop. How long is it, is there people on the trail on a weekend, is there alot of steep drop offs on this section, is this a good solo ride and is there a web site with a good map.
a 46 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized from Mission Viejo
Posted on 08/25/05 Alert moderators of this post
Started ride a little late. Rode this fopr the first time. Went from post office to trailhead off of fireroad, on to Glass Rd. Didn't now exactly where trail went to so decided to end at Glass Rd and ride up tp highway 38 back to post office. "THIS IS THE BEST TRAIL i'VE EVER RIDDEN", just wish I would've done the post office to South Fork and back to Middle Control rd loop described below. If I only knew. I'll definitely be back.
SS Barby a 26 year old Racer riding a Gt singlespeed/ Marin Wolf Ridge from Edwards, Ca E-mail:this user
Posted on 08/17/05 Alert moderators of this post
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