Redbox-Rincon Ranger Station - La Canada/Angeles Forest Trailhead - #Redbox
Redbox-Rincon Ranger Station - La Canada/Angeles Forest - Los Angeles County - #Redbox
Exit Angeles Crest Highway (2) from the 210 Frwy in La Canada/Flintridge. Take the 2 north (Angeles Crest Highway) about 15-20 miles, to the Mount Wilson Rd. and turn right. The trailhead is on your left at the Redbox Ranger Station. Thomas Guide page 505.
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Redbox to Rincon, not JPL!!!!! - If you're going to take the time to update a trail, at least update the right one. Redbox->Switzers->JPL is the Gabrielino Trail. This trail (Redbox-Rincon) is a fire road that goes east from Redbox Station all the way to Rincon Station at the ORV area off Hwy 39 in the San Gabriel Canyon.

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red box - this trail is killer. immediatly sends you off on a trip. very technical. i went with some expirienced friends and took along a couple of beginners who did pretty good. definatly NOT for beginners. leave you're seatpost at the car, you wont be using it. look out for the huge boulders near the start of the trail. watch out for rattle snakes on the side of the trails. very, very narrow single track. take lots of water, knee and shin guards. extremely satisfiying trail. have somebody drop you off at the top and meet you at the jpl parking. best part of my ride was when i saw somebody straight BOMBING the whole trial on a "pacific" k-mart special. sweet.
Ride rating: Advanced
Ride distance: lots Elevation change: lots
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Mr.E a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a StumpJumper from Lost Angeles E-mail:this user
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REd Box/Rincon - I rode this trail yesterday, April 14. Conditions are
very good for the first seven miles or so. Then
there are some slides, rocks, and sandy curves.
It's doable but just be a little more cautious than
you would normally be on a fire road. I went as far
as the road that goes down to Cogswell Dam
(2N24?) and turned around.
Ride rating: Advanced
Ride distance: 20 miles Elevation change: 2,000'+
Dirt Road=97% Paved Path=3%
Zaskarguy a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GT Zaskar LE from Chatsworth
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Redbox-Switzer's - Check the Gabrielino/Arroyo Seco trailhead on this board, or MTBR Trails for info on Redbox-Switzer's or JPL.

This trailhead is for the East side of Redbox-Rincon.
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a Die-hard Enthusiast
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Has anyone done the drop and ride from Red Box to Switzer/JPL lately? How are the trail conditions? Can you give me some directions? Couple of buddies and I are planning on doing it this coming weekend. I've done Red Box to Switzer, as well as the JPL/Gabrielino trails, however, I've never came down all the way from Red Box to JPL. Thanks for your help.

Captain a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT from burbank
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Please post about Redbox to Rincon, not Red Box
to Switzers or JPL, that's the trail going the other
Trailhead Police
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Redbox to Switzer - Rode the trail today. Snow on the top part of the trail makes the going hard but worth it. Once past the snow the trails perfect. No blocks, no wash outs, some low trees but no problems. watch your helmets.
Ride rating: Intermediate
Ride distance: 5 miles Elevation change:
Paul G. a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Steel Trek 970 from Eagle Rock,CA
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If you hate climbing, do the Red Box one way. Leave a car at the North end of Windsor ave (off the 210) and drive up Angeles Crest & park at the Red Box Station. Take the single track trail that starts at the west end of the lot near the hwy. Take at all the way through Switzer's campground (don't turn uphill or you'll be back where you started), up to the Falls and beyond. Don't turn off the trail down to the river, stay going uphill. This is 3/4 mile long light, but technical ascent. Then downhill single track all the down the canyon(s), one short climb, and you'll end up at your other car overlooking JPL. At's about 15 miles. Beware of POISON OAK!
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Triple M - When the trail is wet it can be more of a challange than a ride. Many land slides have wiped out parts of the trail. New rivers and streams have formed due to "El Nino". Past Switzer falls the canyon is extreamlywiped out. The river over rides the trail. This is not a beginers coarse.
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Redbox-Rincon Trail - The Redbox-Rincon Trail begins at 4400 ft. at Redbox Station, is a 28 mile long round trip with a total elevation gain of 4700 ft. The fire road begins at a gate near the parking lot across the road from the ranger station. The trail decends 3200 ft. and bottoms out at the West Fork campground, about 6 miles from Redbox. Since this is the only way back remember that you'll have to retrace this in the opposite direction (a 1200 ft. climb for the last 6 miles of the ride). Virtually, the entire trail is covered by beautiful canyon oaks and big cone spruce trees and parallels the upper tributary of the West Fork of the San Gabriel River. In addition to the fire road there is also a highly technical Gabrieleno Trail which is a single track with several water crossings near the beginning. Once you arrive at the West Fork campground the ride is really just beginning. From the West Fork campground, which is the site of the first ranger station in the San Gabriels, the climb begins up to Monrovia Peak (5300 ft.) The grade isn't as steep as the Mt. Wilson Toll Rd. but its LONG and furtunately also covered by a continuous canopy of canyon oaks, bay laurels and big cone spruce trees. The trail never actually reaches the summit of Monrovia Peak but skirts along the east side of the peak before beginning to drop steeply down to the San Gabriel River Rd. (Hwy. 39). Turn around and go back the way you came unless you have another car waiting for along Hwy. 39, unless your a cycling God and wish to make a giant 45+ mile & 7000 ft. total elevation gain ride and loop back. Going back the way you came retraces your waffle print back to Redbox Station. Remember to save youself for the last 6 mile long 1200 ft. climb back to the parking lot. Unless you have a water filter, there are several streams, bring lots of water and'll need it. Its not all that uncommon to see deer, as well as bear and mountain lion tracks, not to mention to panorama of the entire San Gabriel Wilderness on the back side of Mt. Wilson. Enjoy the ride!
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