Rawson road trail - Winchester Trailhead - #Rawsonroadtrail
Rawson road trail - Winchester - Riverside County - #Rawsonroadtrail
get on 79 south (winchester rd) via 74 or 15. if you start from the 15 go east to washington. then go right the 1st left is rawson. follow that for about 5 miles. look for trail head sign to your right. you can park there or do a little off roading about 1500 feet is the trail head.
If you start from the 74 go west towards temecula then left on washigton. Thomas Guide page: riv 00 p900
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Trail Conditions
Trail closed to bikes - Please be advised that this trail is open to hiking only (no bikes, no motorcycles, vehicles, etc.) The patrol ranger visits this trail often and will issue citations to people violating the no biking rules.
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rawson trail - this trail starts out with a sweet fast downhill. then you see the bridge after that it levels out for awhile then you climb a little then more down hill. this trail is a rare find with vary little use. there are a few rock beds but nothing to worry about. you are riding the west side of the domenigoni dam, if you want you can cut your line to go see it. or stay on the trail you can go untill you reach rawson road again then turn left to get back to your rig.
Ride rating: Intermediate
Ride distance: Elevation change: -1000
Singletrack=99% Dirt Road=1%
Nate a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a built up hardrock from Temecula ca
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