Noble Canyon - Pine Valley Trailhead - #NobleCanyon
Noble Canyon - Pine Valley - San Diego County - #NobleCanyon
From San Diego travel east on I 8 about 35 or 40 miles to the Pine Valley Exit. Go north to Old Highway 80 and turn left (west). Travel about one mile and turn right on Pine Creek Rd. Look for and park at the Noble Canyon Trailhead in about 1.5 miles. Thomas Guide page 1237
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Noble Canyon - What can I say - its Noble! Lots of fun. Conditions yesterday were absolutely perfect. Cool temps, the creek is flowing, and the trail is in great shape. No wildflowers, though.
Seaclasper a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Hallucinogenic Ukelele from Sandy Eggo
Posted on 04/03/09 Alert moderators of this post
Noble - Rode from the parking area up to Laguna Meadows, across to Noble, up to Sunrise Hwy, and back down Noble. A great loop, this is the perfect time of year to do it. I got to Sunrise Hwy around 8 a.m. and it was chilly up there, bring a jacket! Trail is in great shape, nice and technical, I was even smiling after my endo... No water running in the upper canyon, just a trickle in the lower half...
Seaclasper a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant Trance 1 from Fatchoomatta, Catchatori
Posted on 11/02/08 Alert moderators of this post
Noble Canyon - The Spring is gone, but still a few flowers here and there up at Noble. Trail conditions are great, and temps today were perfect for a morning ride. What a treat to ride beside a babbling brook in southern California!
seaclasper a 0.3 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Rusted Hulkasaurous from Snidely Pass, Montany
Posted on 06/08/08 Alert moderators of this post
Great Shape - Shuttled up a few miles past the top, and rode down through Laguna Meadow before taking Noble to the bottom. This was my first ride at Noble, but it was absolutely beautiful.

The crossings all seemed to have some water - not a lot, but enough to soak your undercarriage.

It was *really* warm out there; I bonked at about mile 14, and had to Power Bar my way back into the action.

Saw a lot of hikers up in the meadow area, but hardly anyone on the downhill sections. Overall, the trail seemed to be in great shape.
tglinatsis a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized FSRXc Pro from Ramona, CA
Posted on 05/18/08 Alert moderators of this post

Fun as always - Trail is in great shape! The small water crossings are pretty much dryed up as the trail is pretty dry, and pretty dusty.

But over all in great shape and fun as always!
protijy a 28 year old Downhiller riding a BigHit from San Diego URL: Protijy
Posted on 08/02/07 Alert moderators of this post

Rode Noble: up the road, left at the oak tree, up Indian Creek, over Champagne pass where we barely stopped before about 50 equestrians started coming up the trail, so we high tailed it out of there to stay in front down Pinball. Hubby lost his Serfas glasses up there. Then we went straight/right to head over and down Noble. Trail is in good condition. It was warm. Saw a few other people, some hikers. Weather was pretty warm.
stumpygirl a Weekend Warrior riding a Spec Stumpjumper FSR 120 from So cal
Posted on 11/09/06 Alert moderators of this post
Noble Cyn loop - Did this ride today for the first time and wasn't disappointed, even though I had some high expectations. I also expected crowds, given some of the previous posts. But, I was there for almost 6 hours and only saw three groups total - not bad for a beautiful Saturday morning. Trail conditions were real nice, couple of small sections I had to walk, but for a reasonably skilled rider I don't think this trail is all that difficult...
Posted on 06/03/06 Alert moderators of this post
Hey Mortensen, it's been an IMBA trail for several years now. Hasn't done any harm.

Dick Cunningham
Posted on 05/09/06 Alert moderators of this post
Noble canyon is in the new mtnbikeaction magazine being isted as one of IMBA's best epic rides in the US pretty cool for us locals! yet unfortunatly we now will see even more peolple on the trail. But if it increses awareness and contributes to more people helping with maintanance then we really can't complain.

kmortensen a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2005 fsr pro
Posted on 05/09/06 Alert moderators of this post
Sui's bulldozed???

Posted on 03/10/06 Alert moderators of this post

Cloths on the trail? WTF you talking about Willis??

Will be snowed over this weekend anyway.
Nobel Prize Winner
Posted on 03/10/06 Alert moderators of this post

Noble Canyon/ Extra Credit - I rode it on Sunday. After the rain last week, be well aware of the rocks pointed straight up on extra credit. The switchbacks have erroded a little bit, but not too much. Keep eyes open for hikers on Extra Credit too. When I was there, hikers were leaving pieces of cloth on the trail to follow their path. If you by chance see these pieces of cloth, please pick them up. Cause park rangers have been noted to be seen there picking up the trails. Help them out and help other riders out.
Posted on 03/10/06 Alert moderators of this post
NOBLE IN GREAT SHAPE. - Just rode this yesterday...had a blast. Temps were perfect - low 60s - and wind was minimal. It was part of my loop, where I did the BLT, Noble Cyn, spur to Hell Hill, Fire Road down to Indian Creek up to Champagne Pass, Pine Mountain Loop, Indian Creek, Noble Cyn, then finshed with BLT back to car. 6-1/2 hours and 32 miles later I was spent. The climb up to Champagne Pass was a bear, but worth it as Pine Mountain was smooth and flowy. It was actually dark on my last mile to the car and around 40 degrees out. Sketchy going down that windy ST in almost dark conditions thru trees and thickets of bushes with no headlights. Any way, get out to Noble Canyon soon b4 the next rains won't be disappointed. Saw about 15 other riders on Noble and they were all going up it as I was going down. PS: There was one downed tree across the trail just b4 you get to the "forest" area paralleling the creek. You will have to go over it as it is too big of a tree to bunnyhop or roll over. No poison oak or weeds to harass you either.
GhostRider a 43 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GF S3 from Oceanside
Posted on 01/09/06 Alert moderators of this post
Beautiful Day! - Rode Noble yesterday. The trail was in great shape. The recent light rains have left the soil in perfect shape for great traction and no dust. The rains had also uncovered some of the sharper rocks! The trail was super fun as always. Thanks to the SDMBA crew who came out yesterday to do trail work, the trail looked great!
ICPAYDIRT a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Pacific Beach
Posted on 11/13/05 Alert moderators of this post
Thanks SD MTBers - Visiting from the Northwest and it usually takes a lot to impress when riding elsewhere. Boulder City is about the only place I would go to again in this area of the country and now I will add this trail.

This trail is in great shape and provides a good challenge for XC riding on a few moderate natural drops and rocks. Technical riders will enjoy it although there are a couple dangerous fall areas if you are not ready for them or don't have the skills. We hooked up with a local dude on a Salsa single speed (thanks dude) who gave us the beta on the hard parts coming down Noble Canyon so we weren't completely blind. The climb up Indian Creek is completely doable if you are on your A-game. The 'extra credit' climb is also tough but doable the second time around once you know what's coming.

Trail users were friendly and courteous. I saw more MTBers in one day out here than I saw all season last year back home in Washington at numerous riding areas. Your trail access issues are obvious, so good job so far and good luck in keeping these areas open to MTBers in the future.
Posted on 10/25/05 Alert moderators of this post

Sorry for the late post. Rode this on Saturday, 8/13 for the first time. Down in San Diego visiting. Decided to give the trail a try. Started at Pine Valley picnic area. Rode up Pine Creek road to the oak tree. Decided to continue on road because of some advice from a local down at the parking lot. Nice scenery but I wish I would've gone on the trail like the post below. Finally got to the Noble trailhead. Started my descent and what a fun trail you've got down here. Probably the rockiest trail I've ridden in SoCal, right up there next to Cottonwood Canyon in Vegas. I had a blast though. Popped my tire and blew Stan's everywhere just after the Stairway to Hell. Threw a tube in a finished out the remainder of the ride. All and all it took me a total time of 3 hours from start to finish with breaks at the oak tree and the trailhead and a disappointing tire blow out.
SS Barby a 26 year old Racer riding a Gt singlespeed/ Marin Wolf Ridge from Edwards, Ca E-mail:this user
Posted on 08/17/05 Alert moderators of this post
38 mile fun fest on 8/14. We started at the Pine Valley trailhead(yes,we got tickets for not buying a pass)We rode up Pine Valley road, a delightful 13% grade in a couple spots to the oak tree and then headed off to the left dropping 2 miles to the Indian Creek trailhead. We began a rocky assault uphill on hot exposed singletrack. My calf had a close encounter with a rattlesnake. He was not pleased I was crossing by him. Ugly potential for sure. There were a few hike spots but maybe a Tinker type could clean them. After about 2 miles we came to a junction. One went to Sunrise hwy to the left and we took that for a fun high grass ,great views ridge ride. At sunrise we turned right and did a road ride to the Nobel trailhead. We then turned left onto Big Laguna trail. That was easy and very fun! That also pops onto Sunrise hwy and if you go left and ride the road back to Nobel, expect lots of climbing. You will go past a country store where we fueled with peanut butter crackers and soda.That was nice. For sure it'd be better to take the trail back for an out and back so we'll do that next time. We did about 7 to 8 miles of road riding on this whole day of riding. We don't mind but we misjudged the distance on this one. NO matter, I needed the food at the store for sure! Finally back to Nobel.What can I say, it never ceases to amaze me what an incredible place this is. It remains one of the top 5 trails on my list and I've ridden the deep woods of Idaho,Oregon,Hawaii and blah blah blah..a ton of places all over! It's in fantastic shape. Giant ferns and waterfalls and oak tunnels..*sigh* Take care of it. This is one gem we can't lose! Precautions:Bring sunscreen, BUG SPRAY and lots of food and water!

Dirtmistress a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a S C SL from L.A.
Posted on 08/15/05 Alert moderators of this post

The Beast from the East - - I went up the fire trail of Noble Canyon from Pine Creek this past Sunday. It was my first time on this trail, and I must say that is quite an uphill through the 90 degree humid weather. I would rank myself as an intermediate rider, and found this trail to be a bit difficult but not impossible. I took a 2 liter hydration pack and it was pretty much empty by the top. I made the mistake of not filling up my pack with water by the picnic area and was paying for it at the last section of the trail. I would highly recommend refilling your hydration pack whenever possible. The downhill lived up to all the hype and then some. I was pretty much worn out for the last section of the downhill to really enjoy it. But Iím sure with a little more training Iíll be able to enjoy the whole thing. I may need two or three weeks to rebuild my appetite for this beast, but I am definitely going back and highly recommend this trail.
grimace10 a 28 year old riding a Cannondale F700 from San Diego
Posted on 08/02/05 Alert moderators of this post
Nobel Canyon's flippin' awesome! - Today was an epic ride, the trail was in great shape although moist from recent rains. Small loose rocks make it more technical at times both up and down. There were several water crossings but few you couldn't ride through. Traces of snow at the top and it got a little chilly up there, especially my fingers, I would recommend full finger gloves! Other than that, super sweet sights, the downhill was awesome, prepare and be stoked!
Ride rating: Advanced
Ride distance: 18 miles Elevation change: 3000ft
Singletrack=65% Dirt Road=10% Paved Path=20% Truck Trail=5%
ICPAYDIRT a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Pacific Beach
Posted on 01/29/05 Alert moderators of this post
noble canyon - rode this trail this past sunday. went up fireroad to singletrack, then down noble canyon. a bit of snow on top, a few more exposed rocks making parts of trail a bit more technical. overall, trail is in great shape.
Posted on 01/19/05 Alert moderators of this post
no update. but i'd like one! - i'm sure others would as well. if anyone's ridden noble after the rains, please, kindly leave a report of trail muddy-ness and damage, or even an idea of how long we should stay off the trails til it's rideable. thanks heaps!
EPICjurneez a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a bighit/ELLS-truth/cromostumpjumper
Posted on 01/18/05 Alert moderators of this post
Sheephead Mtn Rd - OK, this isn't Noble Canyon, but it's close by, so I thought it would go best here. You get here by taking the 8 to Buckman Springs road, hanging a left, and parking on the side of the dirt road after about a third of a mile. Then start plugging up the dirt road...

This is a fairly uninteresting climb for the first 3 miles on a wide dirt road, with sparce motorized traffic, until you reach a hang glider launch. After that the trail gets nice and narrow, runs down into a canyon and up more hills, and even becomes reasonably technical in a few spots. Not the greatest trail of all time, but an interesting trip nonetheless. Hang out and watch some of the hang-gliding loonies on your way back down!
Ride rating: Intermediate
Ride distance: 12 miles Elevation change: 2000 ft
Singletrack=50% Dirt Road=50%
Seaclasper a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Huffy 76'er w/banana seat and bell from Sandy Eggo, CA
Posted on 07/25/04 Alert moderators of this post

Turner accusations - Ebasil - Since (red) Turner riders are more inclined to "augment" the trail by adding big rocks with sharp edges, I don't understand your remark, unless its red-envy. BTW, I never sniff paint on the way down Noble, only after surviving the ride.
DirtChef a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Turner 5-spot from San Diego
Posted on 07/12/04 Alert moderators of this post
Open, great riding, lots of sun -
The only not open up there is the section of trail called the Sunset Trail that connects the route around the "back side of the meadow" to the BLT. This is the trail that used to be marked "no bikes" on the side touching the BLT, and without restrictions posted on the side behind the meadow. Now, the whole things is marked closed to all.

Noble, including the uppermost section near Penny Pines trailhead, plus the bypass off of the BLT is all open.

Watch out for dudes on red Turners. If you move rocks around to make stuff easier, red Turner owners come unglued. It's not their fault, there's something in the metalflake.
EBasil riding a Manitou HT with no paint from San Diego
Posted on 07/12/04 Alert moderators of this post

What are you talking about? What's closed? The whole trail has been opened (top to bottom) for over a month.

Noble Lover
Posted on 07/12/04 Alert moderators of this post

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