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91 Frwy to Harbor Blvd. & go North to Berkely or 57 Frwy to Chapman Ave. Chapman to Harbor Blvd. turn Right (North) take to Berkely. Park behind Union 76 station on NW Corner of Harbor & Berkely. No fees are required, & there's plenty of parking. Look to where Berkely curves around behind the parking lot, & trail head is visible. Thomas Guide page 738 G6
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horse crap! - Did the loop twice last weekend and after the rains from a week earlier the horse trails were jacked (from Brea blvd. to the creek). There was aslo a crap load of horse crap, seemed to be more than normal. Otherwise it was fun as usual, lot of peds lot of runners Saturday. Sunday was good everyone was at church.
bp22 a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Gary fisher from Fullerton
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After the rains - Has anyone hit the loop after the rains?
Posted on 12/26/10 Alert moderators of this post
Possible FundRaising Opportunity - I ride the loop alot, riden every possible trail and track. Ive been dying to get my crf450r on the trail. maybe someone can get a 1 day event for registered and spark arrested dirt bikes to run on marked trails??? take donations and put them to a worthy cause. I can do the loop on a bike in 45 to 50 min, on the dirtbike im bet'n 20 minutes. An ideal to raise good money for a troubled economy.
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New Signal Crossing at Euclid Av - The City of Fullerton, in an ongoing effort to improve the City’s trail system, has recently installed a signalized crossing at Hiltscher Trail and Euclid St. This signal is activated by pressing the “walk” button (there is also a button for those riding horses). The wait time is about a minute, similar to the trail crossing at Juanita Cooke trail Morelia St. and Bastanchury.

Other improvements to Hiltscher Trail are in final design, and will likely be under construction in the Spring of next year.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to other trail users, and we hope you continue to enjoy the City’s trail system.

Thank You,

Yvonne Pedersen

Outdoor Recreation Coordinator

Get Outdoors

Fullerton Parks & Recreation

office 714 738-6594

cell 714 476-6058

Get outdoors a Weekend Warrior from Fullerton
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Upper Lake Trail Blocked - The upper trail from the lake has been blocked due to construction of a retaining wall at a residence on the south end. However, one homeowner has taken this opportunity to plant trees in the middle of the trail to prevent further use once the construction is completed. Apparently they don’t care for people being this close to their property. We need to make sure this trail is returned to the public. Drop a line to the city of Fullerton and remind them this has been a public trail for many years. Department links can be found at

The trails are pretty loose and dusty right now, so make sure you’re riding in front.
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New pics... - Hey MTB bikers what’s up...!!!! Well to help our community of new bikers trying to come over and check the Fullerton loop, I just uploaded a bunch of new updated pictures from this trail. I usually start riding the loop from Bonita park because that’s was closer to my house and lots of riders start at the Fullerton court. My set of pictures start from the Bonita park all going thru the rail road, the golf course, the tunnels, the Fullerton court and to the Hiltscher trail that leads to Euclid st.
Some time in the future I will continue and post the rest of the trail. Enjoy and lets ride!!!!!
marcoracing a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Hardrock E-mail:this user
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Post #1000! - Been a while since I rode this trail (15+years). Saturday was great, perfect weather and not to busy early in the morning. Started at the courthouse and went clockwise. Trail in good shape,a bit rutted in some areas for my abilities, but the others in my group had no issues. Will have to come back soon.
Kickstand a 30 year old
Posted on 02/01/09 Alert moderators of this post
Pretty Cool Ride. - The trail is pretty confusing to get around, the map at some trail heads are not really helpful unless you know the area pretty well. I'll try my best to describe how i did it and survived...

The best way to ride the actual loop is clockwise, starting around the courthouse you'll head up Juanita Crooke and make a left down to Hiltscher Trail, up this a** of hill (if you're out of shape) in which you'll meet a T intersection, you're going to go straight until Bastenchery st, and cross over to Sunny Hills High School and ride beside Union Pacific tracks to your left until you find Parks Trail, from there find Rosecrans Trail, which is pretty much along side Rosecrans Street, so if you get lost, just find that street. From there you'll ride all the way down to the golf course/fire station; Before the Fire Station should be a little trail called Castle Wood Trail, and this is where the real work out begins, its pretty much uphill to a certain point where there is an AMAZING view, and back down again and up and down, WATCH YOUR DOWNHILL SPEED!! At one point you'll being going down hill pretty fast and be surprised by this intersection in which my buddy and i got lucky and survived without even knowing it was there. about .25 miles you'll see another trail called Nora Kutter trail which has another a** of a hill but the downhill is sweet, and once again you'll hit another street, so ride a good distance apart, and stay alert. you'll cross that street and get on the Bud Turner Trail through some backyards and past a horse training arena or something to that effect, that trail will take you through a lake/pond and then once again you can meet the Juanita Crooke Trail and have a blast going back to the car.

Bring plenty of water, and be prepared of course, i got a flat today there, and it wasnt fun.

I'd recommends this trail for some intermediate riders who can handle pain, and want a descent uphill challenge with some rewarding downhills. :]
nrmeach a 16 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek 4500 from Cypress, CA
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Giant Demo Ride - Giant and Fullerton Bicycles are putting on a demo ride at the Fullerton Loop. This Thursday 7/10/08 starting at 3:00 til 8:00. Giant will be bringing the tour rig with plenty of bike for you to try. Come by the tent to say Hello and check out the giant line. To demo a bike you need to have the following:1)A valid drivers license. 2)A Helmet. 3)Your own pedals unless you don't mind platform pedals. (RIDE LIFE RIDE GIANT)
Justaryder a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Giant Trance x from Fullerton
Posted on 07/08/08 Alert moderators of this post
Big Thanks!!! - I would like to say thanks to all the guys at Fullerton Bicycles and Specialized for putting on the demo ride today at the courthouse parking lot. It was great to ride a few different bikes to check out how each one rode on the Loop. I really like the Stumpjumper S-Works, wish I had some xtra cash to lay down on one. Other than that the trail was in good shape with many riders out enjoying the great weather.
CTBG a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a A GIANT CARBON NRS from Fullerton
Posted on 03/27/08 Alert moderators of this post
Raw Sewage Spill - Just to let everyone know there was a sewage spill in the Hilshire park section at the far end close to Euclid. There are signs posted along the way but, about 3/4 of the way you will need to cross over to the main trail. I talked to the city's sewer supervisor and I was told that section will be closed for a few weeks until it has dried up. They are asking everyone not to use it until they remove the barricades.
Justaryder riding a a Giant Trance x from Fullerton
Posted on 03/17/08 Alert moderators of this post
New Exit - On the downhill that leads to Euclid (Nora Kuttner) is being fenced off at the end. You now will go left just before the end. There are cones and a Detour sign to direct you. This is a nice change.
Justaryder a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a New Trance x from Fullerton
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single track section - The extra credit part after you cross Parks road that drops down has been all re done, it is very fast and smooth enjoy
fullerton Bike Mike a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a GIANT from Fullerton baby
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Pothole Digger Nabbed - An article in the LA Times said: "A Fullerton man has been charged with felony vandalism for allegedly digging potholes in a park trail to thwart mountain bikers who were interfering with his enjoyment of walking his dog, the Orange County district attorney's office said Friday.

An arrest warrant was issued for Warren John Wilson, 52, district attorney spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder said. She said police officers "set up surveillance and saw Mr. Wilson in the act."

I've dodged a few if those potholes but apparently some bikers have crashed and complained to police. Now if we could just get the guy who lays logs and brush across the trail behind the dam....

Iguana a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a bicycle from Fullerton
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Single Track is for Everyone - My wife and son were walking the dog on the single track in Hiltscher Park today when a 30-something rider in red shorts and a white shirt came along and told them the single track was for bikes only. My son told him all the trails were for everyone. So the jerk said, “Okay, next time I’ll just run over you”. I’ve been riding and walking these trails for years and never witnessed this kind of blatant arrogance. This a-hole needs to learn some trail courtesy or stay home. Maybe he should just ride on the street …and get hit by a bus. Red Shorts if you read this, next time ride with someone who is familiar with the Fullerton Loop and can teach you some manners.

On another note, if you haven’t ridden the loop in a while, the rail road tracks are still muddy and there is a lot of new gravel covering parts of the trail.

a Die-hard Enthusiast from Fullerton
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I am God.
riding a unicycle with free wheel
Posted on 08/14/07 Alert moderators of this post
I saw the unicycle kid - he bunnyhopped the short uphill by the high-school track. Very cool!
Posted on 07/20/07 Alert moderators of this post
Tree Blocking Trail - There's a tree blocking the middle single track behind the dam. It's right after the fork where the right trail connects. There's also a few low branches on the trails behind the dam.
I saw a guy on a unicycle riding the trail this morning while I was walking my dog. Kept waiting for him to crash, but he stayed with it.
Iguana riding a 2 wheeler from Fullerton
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ditch - Don't fill in the drainage ditches. They need to drain when it rains.
a Cross-Country Rider riding a X-Cal
Posted on 06/19/07 Alert moderators of this post
ditto to what Iggy said. Who in the hell is screwing with the trail in this area. The nature of the holes makes it seem like they must have been purposely dug.

I went over the handle bars last week at the makeshift bridge over the drainage channel (bad bike handling was part of the problem). It was nicely repaired this week.
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New Pot Holes - The holes around the ditch have been filled in, but some a-h has dug two new pot holes between the trees on the way to the ditch. There's no way around them, so watch out, especially night riders.
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Ditch - Who's the knuckle head that dug that pot hole next to the ditch?
Posted on 05/26/07 Alert moderators of this post
Trail Repairs - rode the loop this morning and going towards the train
track path they are doing repairs down there

a Weekend Warrior riding a a cool one from covina
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That cement bridge was a bad idea. There are huge pot holes on either side of it now. I can't clear the 2nd hole with my back tire.
riding a huffy with banana seat and sissy bar
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Cement in the drain ditch - I'm glad someone mentioned the recently filled drain ditch (w/cement before you get to Laguna Park). Folks we have to remember we shouldn’t tamper w/things like this. Sooner or later the City will start looking at us bikers as vandals. Everyone has to learn how to ride the trail and the obstacles it has for us. You can’t fix things like this to make it easier on you; this will come back to get us in the end. Like others, for a long time I walked over the drain ditch, but eventually learned to jump/bunny hop over it. If you have fear over going over it…walk. Don’t ruin the trail for the rest of us. Thanks!
Big Joe a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a n Intense 5.5 from Corona, CA
Posted on 04/01/07 Alert moderators of this post
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