Dirt Mulholland - Los Angeles Trailhead - #DirtMulholland
Dirt Mulholland - Los Angeles - Los Angeles County - #DirtMulholland
Take the 405 freeway into the Sepulveda pass and get off on Mulholland. Take this west a mile or so and the pavement will suddenly turn to dirt. This road runs the spine of the southern Santa Monica mountains with views of the San Fernando valley on one side, and the beachfront westside on the other. This is a major connector to many fire roads and trails in the area like Kenter, Westridge, Sullivan, Cabellero, Reseda, and Temescal. Thomas Guide page: 631
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Dirt Mulholland from Reseda Blvd - I am a new rider (I bought my bike today) and headed up to Dirt Mulholland for a test ride. I came up Reseda Blvd from the 101. Some experienced riders my laugh but I thought it was tough but doable. (I am 31 years old, smoke a pack a day and never workout). I went up to the Nike Missile site and back.

The ride down is great. Its a little washed out from all the rain this winter and spring. Great views of the entire valley (from trail) and Downtown (from Nike Missile) site.

I will definitely come back there are a lot of other trails branching off from what is essentially a fire road.

a 31 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Rockhopper from Sherman Oaks
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Don't forget Caballero... - If you park by the country club on Reseda, it's a nice climb up doubletrack on Caballero. I enjoy this much more than starting at the top of Reseda.
Vick a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Kona from Culver City
Posted on 09/08/03 Alert moderators of this post
Dirt Mulholland, Friday 9/5/03 - West bound on paved Mulholland from the 405 fwy is how I got there. Parked right before the gate on the dirt. From the main gate I biked to Nike which might have been about a mile (or less). It was mostly uphill in loose (big) gravel. Going downhill was fun of course but short.

I recommend coming from the west starting at the Reseda Blvd trailhead. From Ventura and Reseda blvd, go south on Reseda until it ends. Park the car and climb up the short pain in the a$$ hill then go east on the fireroad. You'll be at Nike in a little over 3 miles. It's mostly uphill but a great workout. Once at Nike read the signs for a little education or hit another trail from there that starts at the south tip of the Nike site. I haven't done it yet. Otherwise, go back down the trail for a great moderate downhill. Be good to the hikers!

The 3+ mile ride from Reseda Blvd has less gravel and more packed dirt than the 1+ mile ride from Mulholland.

Dirt Road=100%
Manacsa a 29 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Schwinn s.96 Hardtail E-mail:this user
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You can park up at Nike, (just outside the
driveway), if the 2nd gate is open but we consider
that cheating. Most park closer to the pavement for
the warm-up and just in case they lock the gate
early. I've seen many trapped cars.
Endo Verendo riding a Nother Turner from The Valley
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where to park - i drove to this trail and parked at the very bottom,just as mulholland turns to dirt. Can one drive all the way up the dirt road to the nike site to park? i saw one truck up there but am not sure if this is allowed.
Stinkyfinger a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Homegrown XC Bike from Los Angeles
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Awesome Ride!! - I rode dirt Mulholland today from Topanga Canyon to Caballero Canyon(About 4.5 miles). The trail is in great shape due to the rains a few weeks ago. Dirt is hard packed with minimal dust. Some spots have ruts filled with rocks. Others sections have sand and gravel making for a smooth ride. This trail has it all. Saw only 2 or 3 bikers and several hikers. Be careful going around the blind corners. This is a great trail for beginners or novices or if you are getting back into MB. Mornings around sunrise and evenings at sunset are the best times to ride. The views of the valley are great on clear days.
Ride rating: Novice
Ride distance: 4.5 miles Elevation change:
Dirt Road=100%
Double C's a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Mountain Track from Woodland Hills
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A quiet ride - D. Mulholland is a nice quiet ride. Like many trails in the Santa Monica, it's filled with ups and downs. Not too bad of climbs and makes for a good novice leisurely ride.

There are some sections of trail that are loose and gravel filled, so be careful.

If you want to commute from West LA/Brentwood to the Valley, this is your ticket. From W. LA, you can just ride up Mandeville Canyon and take the streets that lead to the trails. Then ride up the trails to D. Mulholland and cut Eastward. You can then exit at any of the trailheads that lead you out to Tarzana and Reseda and you are now in the Valley.
Ride rating: Novice
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Nice rolling ride - I rode Dirt Mulhollad over the weekend from about
5-8pm and it was a pleasant ride.

This is a good ride if you want to just hop on the
bike and ride for leisure. There are no major climbs
or fast descents. The views are nice of the mountains
to the south and the Valley to the north.

It's mostly dry fire roads for the most part.
There about 2 sections that are gravel infested and
traction is sketchy. So beginners may want to walk
their bikes through if your handling skills are still

There are equal amounts of short easy climbs are their
are short easy descents. It's a very "rolling" trail
for that reason and easy to do if you of moderate

There is a clean rest room and water source at the old
nike missile radar site, a must for any Cold War

This is a popular trail, yet it doesn't feel crowded.
There are many dog walkers and hikers, so please

If you want to mtn bike commute from the Valley to
West LA, or vice a versa, you can use Dirt Mulholland
and the off-shooting trails. Off of Dirt Mulholland,
you can take Sullivan Fire Road south and it can
eventually dump you onto Sunset Blvd.
Ride rating: Novice
Santa Cruzer a Cross-Country Rider riding a Santa Cruz Superlight at a not so light 28 pounds
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Dirt Mulholland Road - This is my favorite "trail" to ride if I need to get back into MTB shape after some time off. It's not technical, except for a few soft spots, and the climbs are not too steep. After I get my lungs, legs, and technical skills back, I venture off onto all the other trails that connect to Dirt Mulholland.

A grat ride for a beginner or novice rider.

Ride rating: Novice
Ride distance: 15 miles Elevation change: 900'
Dirt Road=100%
a 35 year old Weekend Warrior
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Farmer's ridge - This square mile of dirt has some of the funnest, and hardest to find trails in the area.

Good luck to you.
Dusty Bottoms
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