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Riverside County

Diamond Valley Lake - Hemet

from the 15:
-west on Winchester (79) to Domingioni rd. go south.
-Pass Sanderson and watch for Marina entrance signs on right.

Costs $7.00 to park at marina.
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  1. There is now a $2.00 charge to ride around the lake. Apparently, there has been a decline in fishing so they want to stick to the cyclist to make up the losses. You must also sign in at the office prior to starting. The parking has also increased to $10.00. Save your cash and park at the bottom and ride up. That way you can start the loop counter clock-wise and pay the fee after the ride if you are so inclind. Due to the rains there is a really neat waterfall about 5 miles in if you start at the east damn.
    Posted on 03/11/10 Alert moderators of this post
  2. Fun and easy - just got back from this ride. Trail is in excellent condition (even though it rained quite a bit last week). Todays a friday and saw exactly two other bikers, 0 pedestrians.

    Had a great deal of fun, the snow capped mountains in the background were quite beautiful. The lake level is quite low. The surrounding hills/mountains were very green and there was one small running stream.

    Like everyone else has said its a fairly level and easy trail, partially paved and relatively long.

    At the gift shop saw a guys with a 23 lbs bass. woh.

    Ride rating: Beginner
    Posted on 02/20/09 Alert moderators of this post

  3. Great Workout! - This cool, man-made reservior trail is an easy, non-technical ride that has exhilarating, sweeping views of the entire lake. There are two options:

    1) Park at the Visitor Center, and make the 2.5 mile uphill trek to the guard shack. Sign-in and ride FREE.

    2) Pay the $7 parking fee per car, and ride the trail immediately.

    -The best route to take is CLOCKWISE, around the perimeter of the lake. Fully paved areas over the three dams allow you to make 25mph sprints, on these wide roads.

    -Get there before 12PM. The entire 23-mile trip takes about 1.5-3hours, depending on stops. Porta-pottys, covered picnic areas and trash drops are conveniently located throughout the trail.

    -Bring AT LEAST 2 LITERS of water! There are no water filling stations anywhere on the lake, and swimming is strictly prohibited(it's a water reservior!). Also, bring sunblock and enough clothing- as there is very little shade, at this lake. Pets are not even allowed there. Boat/Hike/Bike/Fishing ONLY!!!

    -Leave the road bike at HOME. Some parts of this trail has lots of gravel- which would easily flat anything but a mountain bike. Otherwise, the trail is mostly flat, hardpack dirt. The rock quarry area(rock walls encased in chicken wire!) area allow you to sail though in low gear. Watch your speed in the sandy turns though!

    -Remember, it is 23 MILES of continuous, uninterrupted pedaling. Pace yourself and take frequent stops, if necessary.

    -The best months to ride this lake, is from DECEMBER to MARCH. Otherwise the sun and heat in summer and fall months will literally ROAST YOU.

    I'm bringing a BOAT and FISHING GEAR on my next trip to Diamond Valley Lake. I hear there is good-sized trout there! Happy Riding!!!
    Ride rating: Beginner
    Ride distance: 23.1 miles Elevation change: minimal
    Dirt Road=80% Paved Path=20%
    Zachariah a 44 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Cannondale F2000 SL Hardtail from Bermuda Dunes, CA
    Posted on 10/08/08 Alert moderators of this post

  4. Family ride - This is a great family ride. Its a pretty flat dirt road around the lake. I took my 5 and 8 year old there Saturday morning. My kids had a blast. Its a great way to start getting little kids excited about riding. We didn't do the whole loop. We went out three miles, then came back. By the time we got home my kids were asking me when we were gonna go back and ride it again. I plan on using this as a conditioning ride for myself. Its a 22 mile loop and its only about 10 minutes from my house
    Ride rating: Beginner
    Ride distance: 22 miles Elevation change: very little
    Dirt Road=100%
    JB a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Gary Fisher from Temecula
    Posted on 08/25/08 Alert moderators of this post
  5. Diamond Valley Lake Trail.... - I started this ride down at the Visitor's Center. It's just a small climb up to the marina from there, and you don't have to pay the $7.00 to park. Make sure to stop by the guard station at the entrance to the marina. It's required that you write your name, and which direction you will be going around the lake. They don't allow riders to start this trail after 12:00. This is a fun basic trail. Just be ready to pedal 22 miles! It took me about an hour and forty minutes to do this ride starting from the visitor's center.
    Ride rating: Beginner
    Ride distance: 22 miles Elevation change: mild
    Dirt Road=90% Paved Path=10% a 31 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Ellsworth Isis from Menifee
    Posted on 08/21/08 Alert moderators of this post
  6. diamond valley lake trail - this was my first time here and i thought it was an excellent ride around the lake.was mostly flat dirt road in great shape and i will be back.
    Ride rating: Beginner
    Ride distance: 21 Elevation change:
    Dirt Road=95% Paved Path=5%
    iggyx1 a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a iron horse from corona,ca E-mail:
    Posted on 03/23/08 Alert moderators of this post
  7. This is a beautiful ride in winter when the air is crispy clear and the mountains snow-capped. Not a difficult ride, but okay if you push the pace. This would be a very good beginner ride.
    Dirt Road=95% Paved Path=5%
    tiger40c a Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized from Loma Linda, CA
    Posted on 01/21/08 Alert moderators of this post
  8. The Lake Loop - ...I thought this might be a great trail to post for people interested in conditioning.
    First off, its 22 miles long. Its a really beautiful ride all the way around the largest man made water source in southern california. Its all fire-road, with short sprints as you cross over the dams. Topographically, its very mellow ...not exciting for the rider thats looking for climbs and decents, but it is a work-out, and definitely worth the 2 hours (ish) it takes to get around.
    As mentioned, it is really beautiful. We spotted bald eagles, deer, and your occasional tarantula as we flew around. warning: DO NOT do this ride in the heat of summer. August and September are brutal, but winter/spring/autumn rides are great fun for the whole family, and a great work-out for the person thats working on condition and stamina.
    Ride rating: Beginner
    Ride distance: 22 miles Elevation change: very mild
    Dirt Road=95% Paved Path=5%
    Guernicasongs a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary Fisher 29'er from Temecula
    Posted on 12/28/06 Southern California Edition HomePage
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