Claremont Hills Wilderness Park - Claremont Trailhead - #ClaremontHillsWildernessPark
Claremont Hills Wilderness Park - Claremont - Los Angeles County - #ClaremontHillsWildernessPark
Take the 10 fwy into Claremont, get off on Indian Hill Blvd and head north. Take this to Base Line Rd. and turn right, then turn left on Mills Ave. Take Mills to the end and park in the lot. Many options from this trailhead, including Webb Canyon singletrack and Marshall Canyon, both to the west. Get on your bike and explore. Thomas Guide page: 571
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This place is crazy with people you have to be extra carful coming down. Because the people walking are not watching out for anyone else. Crazy!
Posted on 01/17/12 Alert moderators of this post
Coyote - After I parked my car I started walking on mills to the trail. I saw a coyote behind the fence just staring at other bikers and myself. Been biking and hiking for 1 yr first Time I see a coyote....
Ulicin a 34 year old riding a Trek 3500 2010 from Ontario, ca
Posted on 01/11/12 Alert moderators of this post
Rode the loop. riding up the Cobal trail to the benches. It was hot down low, but there was a nice breeze blowing up on the plateau. A few people, but not bad. Only saw three or four other riders.
a 56 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized FSR XC Comp from Alhambra
Posted on 05/15/10 Alert moderators of this post
Trail is cool I was coming out of the canyon & saw one big rattle snake.
Posted on 08/20/09 Alert moderators of this post
Sounds the Same - Been riding the wilderness Park for the past few weeks at night due to the insane crowds of walkers, where are all these people coming from, and the trail is pretty loose. The good thing is if you start at bit after dusk, there are only a few hikers to worry about. However, many of those that are walking after dark have no lights.
a 45 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Turner XCE
Posted on 08/17/09 Alert moderators of this post
Claremont Hills/Marshall Canyon - I rode Wednesday night as the sun was going down. The trail was quiet (not many riders or hikers) and conditions were dry. As I passed into the final section next to the golf couse (below the tunnel) I ran into a large BROWN BEAR! She was running down the trail...I must have scared her with my lights and bike noise. I high tailed it back up to the road and took pavement back to the car. I've ridden here for years and never seen a bear. What a scarry treat! (it freaked me out a little
Dougster a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek EX8 2009 from Upland, CA
Posted on 05/23/09 Alert moderators of this post
There open now but just chk there web site. Just a little easier.http: //
Posted on 10/28/08 Alert moderators of this post
Open This Weekend?? - Yesterday afternoon,Trail was closed due to the fires,,anyone know if open by this weekend??
Frank a 46 year old Weekend Warrior riding a IronHorse from Montclair
Posted on 10/24/08 Alert moderators of this post
I was up there Monday & there was bear sightings. On the colbalt trail at the 3.5 mark.
Posted on 06/24/08 Alert moderators of this post
Great workout! - I've been hiking this trail for workout purposes and I have seen results! The other hikers are very friendly; you pass by and everyone responds with a nod or a hello. (if they're not in the zone)Just don't forget to take some water if your hiking in the hot weather. There is a shade structure about 2.5 miles up. Take your time to catch your breath and back to work!!! Beautiful trail! Recommend it to EVERYONE!
Posted on 06/24/08 Alert moderators of this post
Great Hike - Went up this A.M. with my son. He is in a little better shape than I. It is about a 1200 foot gain to the summit, I guess it would be considered intermediate. Some bikers, (very congenial) we said hi, they responded. If you are out for a liesurely walk, go along the channel south of this trailhead. My son rides it on his bike and enjoys as well. Just remember, the trail is for everyone and we CAN all get along, just exhibit some courtesy.
Happy hiking... Happy biking...
xconguy a 57 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT from Corona, CA E-mail:this user
Posted on 03/01/08 Alert moderators of this post
Hikers! - Ride here at least 4 times a week. There are a lot of hikers up there right now. Some curteous...some not..some are just lost! Trail is starting to loosen up in some areas but, overall in very good condition. I would suggest a night ride. Been doing that for the past 3 weeks and been very nice! Except for the occassional hiker that gets stuck with no light...its way better than the day time hours.
jdmboy909 a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 08 Cannondale Rush from Claremont, CA
Posted on 11/19/07 Alert moderators of this post
Hikers - I almost crashed avoiding a hiker walking BACKWARDS while chatting with their group...
alop a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR
Posted on 09/06/07 Alert moderators of this post
I went Sat the 25th & it was packed. I usually go during the week but the weather was good & so was the view of girls.
Posted on 08/27/07 Alert moderators of this post
Do you really want to ride fast? - Hikers have the right of way on this trail over bikes, they always have and they always will....
If you really want to ride FAST downhill here, you need to ride it late at night time. about 9:00-10:00 pm is good. This way there are no hikers (or at least very few)on the trail (yes, I know that there is a sign that says "Park Closes at Dusk" at entrance, but who actually follows the rules anymore?). At night time you actually go faster than at day time anyways because by the time you look for the ruts on the road, you have already past them. Try it, you'll like it the first time. Just get yourself a good quality double headlight for your bike if you don't already have one and have fun like the rest of us. I have been riding this trail and many others for over twenty years.....
Psychobikr a 46 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Red Porsche Front Suspension from Victorville, CA E-mail:this user
Posted on 08/20/07 Alert moderators of this post
Watch out for hikers - I went on a gloomy April morning after 10:00 a.m. I was coming down the S turns when a few hikers, distracted by talking to eachother, did not move. I ended up crashing while they continued their conversation. Thanks for the courtesy.
a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a GT Pantera (hardtail) from Rancho Cucamonga E-mail:this user
Posted on 04/28/07 Alert moderators of this post
Rode Saturday morning, you got to get there early to beat the hikers for a good ride (read sun up), anything later and its a kill-joy. I know hikers have the right of way, but is it too much to ask that they not walk 4 and 5 across with a loose dogs????
a Die-hard Enthusiast from C-mont, CA
Posted on 04/02/07 Alert moderators of this post
You have to be very careful & watch out for the hikers. Scary.
Posted on 11/29/06 Alert moderators of this post
Claremont Wilderness Park - I rode this on the way back from the Turkey ride.
TOOOOO many hikers!!!!!!!!!
mrbonk a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast
Posted on 11/23/06 Alert moderators of this post
Closed again - fire hazard... - At least I was smart and started out real early this morning... got to do the loop at least and as I was leaving the parking lot noticed park rangers putting up the wood signs blocking the entrance... CLOSED due to severe fire danger. Fire trucks were pulled out & ready to go. Not too many people on the trail this morning, sun was hot and the trail was nice. Great a.m. workout. One final note... did see what appeared to be snake trail marks, I was on the lookout but did not see any. Happy trails!! :)
DIane a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek Fuel 90 WSD from Upland, Ca
Posted on 09/17/06 Alert moderators of this post
Temporarily Closed - Went up to Claremont Hills this morning, and the gate was locked, park closed due to Extreme Fire Danger. Marshall Canyon is still open, or you can go up Mt Baldy road to the Potato Mountain side.
alop a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR from Fontana
Posted on 08/29/06 Alert moderators of this post
Potato Washout - I just got back from Potato Mountain. About a mile from where the trail separates from Cobal, the road is washed out almost entirely. Use caution if you're heading up that way
alop a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek 820
Posted on 04/09/06 Alert moderators of this post
Beautiful Trail - Great experience. I myself am a hiker and I do some mt. biking. There is no reason why the two can't be a great time for everyone. I see a mt. biker , i get out of the way, no big deal. People with bad attitudes make it not fun for those who are carefree and enjoying themselves. I think you should have respect for both. My friend and I smile and say hi to all. "Cant we all get along" hehehehehe. I say "Hooray" for the outdoorsman & outdoorswoman!!!!
fluffylove58 a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Giant Sedona DX from San Dimas, CA E-mail:this user
Posted on 03/05/06 Alert moderators of this post
Marshall is in good shape. But poison oak sucks! I didn't even notice touching anything and still got it. For the problem with hikers, just don't bomb down the loop trails. Just climb in the park and go down Webb Canyon/Johnson's Pasture where there is hardly ever anyone to dodge.
Hohnster a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a K2 from Claremont
Posted on 01/19/06 Alert moderators of this post
Same here - I do the same ride about 3x/week. I've got the same story. Most say "hi," some ignore me, and the others give me dirty looks.
Posted on 01/10/06 Alert moderators of this post
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