Carbon Canyon Park - Brea Trailhead - #CarbonCanyonPark
Carbon Canyon Park - Brea - Orange County - #CarbonCanyonPark
Take the 57 Fwy to Lambert Rd. Head East on Lambert Rd. until it turns into Carbon Canyon Rd. (142). The entrance to Carbon Canyon Park is on the right-hand side, (approx. 3 mi. East of the 57 Fwy). There is parking inside the park for a few bucks. Ride your bike to the east-most end of the park. At the end of the parking lot, there is a dirt trail that initially runs along Lambert until you get to a gate. Go around the gate and continue riding until you get to a second gate. You are now at a point where the trail splits 2 ways. Continuing straight would take you to Telegraph Canyon. Turning left takes you up North Ridge. Thomas Guide page 709 & 710 Also see Chino Hills State Park in Orange & San Bernardino County
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Trail Conditions
Northridge Trail - I rode the Northridge Trail on Tuesday (June 14) and noticed that the trails have been flattened/widened near the Sycamore junction. I assume this is in preparation for the fire season, but the churned up dirt is slushy (like sand), which is a pain the the butt to climb thru. On Friday, I noticed the entrance to the Northridge Trail from the Carbon Cyn side has a signed posted that reads, "Not a through trail". I have no idea what that means; not sure if they have closed off part of the trail for more fire prep. Please post a response if you know the status of the Northridge Trail.
MTB FUN a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Stump Jumper from Chino Hills, CA
Posted on 06/19/11 Alert moderators of this post
Mountain Lions Spotted... - Was on the Brea side of the trail this morning and stopped when I saw three mountain lions lounging on the trail. Just wanted to let other rides know.. Be careful and have fun.
Jesus Ocana a 38 year old
Posted on 12/10/09 Alert moderators of this post
Nice Views, Kinda Crappy Trails - Went Riding With The Owner Of Surf City Cyclery Today (Surf City Cyclery Is Off Of Edinger In Huntington Beach). Went Up Telegraph To 4 Corners Then Took The Overgrown Single Track Know As "Hills For Everyone" (Which Was Overgrown To The Point That The Trail Couldn't Be Seen To S. Ridge Then Back To The Parking Lot. All The Trails But S. Ridge Have Deep Sand Everywhere. Most Likely Due To The Fires That Ravaged The Canyon Back In November. And Some Spots In S. Ridge Had A Terrible Camber, Right Turn With It Sloping To The Left Which Pulls You Into The Really Deep Ruts On The Side. Watch For The Construction Which Pushes Out Onto The Canyon Road. But Overall It Was A Fun Ride, And The Wildlife Bounced Back Big Time. Big Beautiful Hills Of Wild Mustard.
E-Villa a 16 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2009 Specialized Enduro
Posted on 04/30/09 Alert moderators of this post
N. Rdg / Raptors / 3Bís / S. Rdg - Road this loop today. Conditions really good. Actually expected a little firmer conditions with the light rain early in the week. Telegraph still closed. Beautiful weather (mid 70ís in November!) and great conditions made for a great workout!
El Salt riding a Blue
Posted on 11/13/05 Alert moderators of this post
Trail repairs?? - How did the trail repairs go on 6/5/05? Also are there going to be any upcoming repair dates? I want to help get this trail up and running. Or is it?
Lance a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a MC Rumble from La Habra
Posted on 08/03/05 Alert moderators of this post
Chino Hills State Park - Trail clearing Saturday June 11 at 8:00 AM
Meet at the equestrian staging area wear clothes for brushing. Bring water (camelback works good) tools and lunch provided
VooDoo Man a 48 year old Weekend Warrior riding a VooDoo Wanga from Anaheim
Posted on 06/07/05 Alert moderators of this post
I rode Northridge to Four Points and back through Telegraph Canyon. The way it stands: North rim is washed out in two places and muddy in number of locations. Telegraph Canyon Trail is flooded just West of four points, has three major and two minor debris flows and mud slides crossing, and washed out in seven locations. Some of the wash outs are 30 ft wide and 6 ft deep. It will be a long while before this trail is repaired.
Posted on 02/28/05 Alert moderators of this post
Still Closed - You can see a chunk of northridge missing from carbon canyon road. Telegraph is supposedly washed out in a few places too.
DK a Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant from Brea
Posted on 02/04/05 Alert moderators of this post
is it open - anyone know if Telegraph or Northridge trail are open? starting from carbon canyon park.
a Cross-Country Rider riding a trent's mom from Brea call center
Posted on 01/28/05 Alert moderators of this post
Trail work on June 5th - Come out and help fix the problem!

Click the link below.
GC URL: CHSP Trail work
Posted on 05/07/04 Alert moderators of this post

Overgrown - Northridge, Telegraph and southridge are fine and dandy they have been recently graded, but some of the other fire road and singletrek like raptor ridge are overgrown with that tall grass that hurts when you hit it too hard. It was a clear day and ther were some great views.
Ride rating: Beginner
uhkuhjillion a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a M5 HT from pasdena
Posted on 05/06/04 Alert moderators of this post
North and South Ridge good - The rains have washed out most of the dust. And added some ruts and rocks. Parts of south ridge has a lot of ruts from ranger's truck tires. But still both trails are good, and as always, free of all the traffic that the lightweights on telegraph deal with.
Ride rating: Intermediate
Ride distance: 24 miles Elevation change: 2000+
Singletrack=5% Dirt Road=95%
KeepItSimple a 40 year old Weekend Warrior riding a OldSchool Steel Frame No Suspension from Brea
Posted on 03/26/04 Alert moderators of this post
Chino Hills / Carbon Canyon... - Went up on the 14th, left my house sunny & clear, got to Chino Hills and froze my @$$ off!! It's all good though, once you get riding for an hour your good to go & all thawed out. Started out doing telegraph to the four corners and then headed up the single track to south ridge. Nice and warm up on those there hills! Didn't want to come down! Anyway came down south ridge & cut across I think it was bovine or easy or t street or something like that... walked it because it's a hiker trail not a biker trail. met back with telegraph and headed back to the cars. Not too b-a-d for a sunday stroll around the park. Beautiful day... beautiful people... it's all good!! :)
Ride distance: 14 Elevation change:
D a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK Fuel 90 WSD from Glendora
Posted on 03/15/04 Alert moderators of this post
HOLY $H!T... PEOPLE!! - March 7, 2004, parked off of Lambert and did Telegraph to the 4-corners picnic bench. I have never ever seen that many people up there before! EVER! Anyway I was a great day to be out, the trail was really clean considering the rains we had. There were a few puddles, but they had way's around them so it was no big deal. Just a ton of people to watch out for going up and coming down. Unfortunately I am outta shape so after I got to the picnic bench I looked up at South ridge and decided to save that for next time. Great ride though, met a lot of cool fellow bikers!!
D a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a TREK Fuel 90 WSD from Glendora
Posted on 03/11/04 Alert moderators of this post
FERRIS BUELERS DAY OFF - Couldn't let this beautiful weather go to waste so I decided to play hookie and try a new trail. Did a figure 8 loop around the park starting @ Rim Crest. Trails are in good condition. Great ride for the hardtail. Mental note: wear sunscreen so it won't look like I was out in the sun all day when I was supposed to be in bed.
Ride distance: miles 21 Elevation change:
Posted on 01/16/04 Alert moderators of this post
Carbon Canyon to Telegraph - 'Twas slightly confusing to find the entrance to Telegraph from the Carbon Canyon entrance, just head along CC Road and you'll see it though. Great mellow ride today, with some good wildlife sightings: hawks, a coyote and two rattlers. The only thing that kept this from being very satisfying was the constant, loud and irritating roar of machinery up on the hillside. I'm sure the wildlife must love that. I'm sure the developers won't be happy until every square inch surrounding Chino is paved under and there is a concession stand at 4 Corners.
Ride distance: 8 miles Elevation change: small
Dirt Road=100%
Disgruntled Old Goat a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider from Long Beatch
Posted on 11/30/03 Alert moderators of this post
Great Day - Started at 8:00 this morning from the dam. Sun was up already but it didn't get too warm as I went up Telegraph Canyon. The trail was fast-rolling hardpack, except for a few soft spots. I spotted some snake tracks across the trail, but I kept my eyes peeled and didn't see any; only squirrels scampering away as I got closer. All the water crossings were dry except for one. Got to Four Corners around 9:00. Raptor Ridge and Bovinian Delight singletracks both called to me, but I decided to save them for next time (props to SHARE MTB group for cleaning up the trail, BTW).

After a little breather, I made my controlled descent back and nearly ran over a squirrel. Riding rigid, I had to keep my speed down because the bumps I rode on the way up were punishing my hands on the way down. Near the bottom, I passed several lady equestrians and got back to the parking lot, back up the dam, and finally back to my car. Total time 1:40. Still a great workout ride.

Ride rating: Novice
Ride distance: 18 miles Elevation change: dunno
Dirt Road=95% Paved Path=5%
Terraphilia a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Old Diamondback Rigid SS from Norwalk, CA
Posted on 08/22/03 Alert moderators of this post

They moved - to Los Alamitos and lasted a few month more and then folded.
Too bad.
Posted on 07/08/03 Alert moderators of this post
not related but - does anyone knows what happen to Downey Cyclery.
Are they still open?

pack wolf a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Trek 8000 from Fullerton
Posted on 07/07/03 Alert moderators of this post
You Crazy Guys You... - you are riding in Chino Hills State Park, not Carbon Canyon Park. Once you cross through the gate at the bottom of Telegraph/North Ridge you are standing in CHSP. Keep the updates coming though, it helps to know the trail conditions of my (and many others) local ride!
Pedal! Pedal! Pedal!
Markus Headlaunch a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Fisher from Yorba Linda
Posted on 07/03/03 Alert moderators of this post
North & South Ridge - Ditto on the last posting. We started up North Ridge yesterday early evening and turned back on the first climb. Ended up doing Telegraph and South Ridge. South Ridge was rideable, but was still pretty ugly in spots.
Posted on 07/02/03 Alert moderators of this post
North and South Ridge - I rode these trails on Sunday 6/29 and both are in poor condition. Northridge is not even worth riding. The cut of from Northridge (scymore ridge?) to Telegraph is also not worth going down. South ridge was a big disappointment. I loved that trail...
We need a couple of good rain storms to get these trails back to good conditions.
Time to find another ride that is close by any suggestions?
trek man a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a trek 8000 from fullerton
Posted on 06/30/03 Alert moderators of this post
North Ridge - I rode this yesterday afternoon and they've graded it in the past few days. North Ridge is now in terrible shape - very sandy and difficult to ride. Don't waste your time. Telegraph is still fine.
Flatlander a 33 year old riding a Specialized M4 Hardtail from YL
Posted on 06/26/03 Alert moderators of this post
Thanks for the Map.... - It will come in handy the next time up.
Billy Bob a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek from West Covina
Posted on 04/13/03 Alert moderators of this post
Here's a map for ya... - Billy Bob, copy and paste the link, hope it's what you're looking for. And, THANKS to the guy below for the location of the dam. Cheers and happy trails to everyone!
Kam a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Custom Peyto SS from L.A. URL: Chino Hills Trail Map
Posted on 04/13/03 Alert moderators of this post
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