Bogart Park - Cherry Valley Trailhead - #BogartPark
Bogart Park - Cherry Valley - Riverside County - #BogartPark
To get to Bogart Park area. Going east on I10, from Redlands, get off at the Hwy 79 or Beaumont Ave. offramp. Go North to Cherry Valley and you will find direction signs or ask at the Texaco station.
GPS: Latitude: Longitude: Elevation:2900
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the clenest restrooms ever
Posted on 08/06/11 Alert moderators of this post
Bogart Park-Legal or not? - I have two questions concerning this place. We recently went riding there and noticed a sign saying that bikes must stay on the road. I was just wondering if it is legal to Mountain Bike on the trails in the park. The other question is about the fire road that leads out of the park just past the campground. There was also a sign there saying that access to the land was closed as of March of '95, stating to call the Riverside County Open space Districet for questions. The strange thing was that there was an unlocked and open gate along with evidence of heavy use of the supposedly closed trail by horses, hikers, and bikers. Does anyone have the scoop on this trail(fire road)?
Mike Abel a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider from Beaumont, Ca.
Posted on 06/29/02 Alert moderators of this post
Bogart park update - OK, The cat is out of the bag. I tried to keep it a secret. I ride Bogart Park about once a week year round, just because it is close to my house. Most of the Land in the Pass area is closed. So Bogart is the best place in the Pass to ride. In the summer the trails are sandy (ride with wide tires that are good in sand) the horses really tear them up. Also watch out for Rattlesnakes, Bears, Killer Bees, and Poison Oak. Most of the Horse people up there donít like mountain bikers. So tread lightly around them. In the winter the trails are in better condition.
Ride rating: Intermediate
Ride distance: 1to 20 miles Elevation change:
Singletrack=70% Dirt Road=10% Paved Path=00% Truck Trail=20%
FSRMIKE a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 99 FSR from Banning CA E-mail:this user
Posted on 11/04/00 Alert moderators of this post
Bogart Park - This was an awesome trail it actually was not just one trail it was a whole bunch that you could string together. There was a couple jumps and alot of awesome downhills some of the hills were so steep that you had to walk them but they were still awesome. The views were great from the top of the many hills. For parking you should park in Meadow parking right by the pond and the grass. watch out for horses on the trail i did not see any horses but i saw signs of them. when riding here especially when it is busy keep your speed under control because we do not want to ruin our chances of keeping this little gem open to mountainbikers. This is definatly worth checking out it is extremly awesome it has got something for everyone there is a small entrance of two dollars per person please pay because this is what keeps this park open and it also keeps the houses out of the park. have fun it is awesome.
Ride rating: Advanced
Ride distance: 1-20 miles depending on what you do Elevation change: 500-600 feet
Singletrack=90% Paved Path=1% Truck Trail=9%
Isaac tait a 17 year old Racer riding a Red Cannondale f500 from Forest Falls E-mail:this user
Posted on 10/31/00 Alert moderators of this post
International Truck Trail - International Truck Trail starts just north of the campground at Bogart Park. Follow the dirt road out of the campground for a good workout which branches out into some good technical singletrack.
Ride rating: Intermediate
Ride distance: Elevation change: 500
Singletrack=50% Truck Trail=50%
Jim Newman a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast
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