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 Bonelli update - from TBB website
Weather and Course Update
We are very aware of the incoming weather. We are still going to load the trucks and start setting up on Saturday. If the forecast holds - rain tonight thru Sat. pm and clearing. So Sunday (race day) looks partly cloudy. We will then determine if the course is too muddy to do the entire scheduled distances, then we may shorten the distances for each category. WE WILL UPDATE THIS SITE AS THE WEEKEND PROGRESSES.
Course Change for all racers - "The Corkscrew" is back. It is the piece of singletrack located out by the airport. We were not allowed to to use it last year. Also, many of you called saying the stream crossing was very high. The Water District has now significantly reduced the flow and it is now rideable. (Currently, the best line is to the right and over the rocks
Beginners will still be doing two laps, but we are taking out the last climb and sending the beginners on the rolling "Parkview Road". This basically just cuts out one climb and shortens the race from a 19 mile to approx 15 miles.
Posted by Live2bike a 28 year old Racer riding a 2002 Titus Racer X from San Diego on 05/02/03

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  •  Re: Bonelli update - from TBB website
    Why is it that after a rain they are allowed to run the race? 99% of the trails will be closed to recreational riders but TBB can go f-up Puddingstone?

    I just don't get it.
    Posted by ? on 05/02/03

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    •  Re: Bonelli update - from TBB website
      I have never seen Bonelli trails closed to bikers. It is not very fun to ride there after a rain as the mud will stop your tires from rolling. It sticks to everything
      Posted by Racexc1 a 46 year old Racer riding a Broken Santa Cruz Superlight from Norco on 05/02/03

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  •  Re: Bonelli update - from TBB website
    I rode the course yesterday and can confirm the water level is way down from last week. I have a question I will ask TBB about on the corkscrew trail - there is a tree branch hanging so low that it is kind of hard to duck under on foot at the top of the corkscrew. It should make it pretty interesting.

    People below are right about mud here in some areas. However, it is mostly rocky fire road/double track, muddy areas should be limited unless it rains a lot (over an inch?).
    Posted by Bizango Boy a 38 year old Racer riding a VooDoo Bizango from Rancho Cucamonga on 05/02/03

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