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Hi guys, I just picked up an RST CAPA TL from Performance Bike Shop for $20. I can't seem to find any info regardiding this fork. Does anyone have any experience with this fork at all.
Posted by Imapodaddy a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Gary Fisher Tarpon from Fullerton Ca. on 10/15/03

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  •  Re: RST CAPA TL Fork
    RST stuff is generally crap. $20 is more than it's worth, most likely. Bike path, commuting, etc--it'll be fine. If you're actually going to ride trails with it, well...you'll find the limitations soon enough.

    Posted by Surly a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a '02 Giant AC from Pasadena on 10/16/03

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  •  Re: RST CAPA TL Fork
    Capa is pretty much a entry-level fork, about 65mm of travel, then comes the Gila (89mm) and the Mag (89-110mm)series.

    The Capa is a elastomer boinger, that's usually standard equipo for $200- $250 bikes. Performance must have a bunch of those that they swapped out for people who wanted to upgrade.

    The Gila and Mags are Coil/MCU. You bought the fork for a good price, as you could barely buy a mexican dinner for $20, so that guy who posted "that you paid $20 more than its worth" is wrong. 65mm of travel is better than zero. Have fun.
    Posted by The Real FatCat riding a Stinky on 10/19/03

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