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The best chain lube
What's the best chain lube for the dry So Cal desert?
Posted by Bradly BOB a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized Enduro from Lancaster on 01/06/06

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  • Re: The best chain lube
    Try Ice Wax. Start w/ clean(solvent clean), dry chain. Slather IceWax on all sides of chain. Crank for a short while. Put away bike for as long as possible(24+ hours is good). Before ride, wipe excess off w/ cloth rag("velour" towell is best, but hard to source). Ride. When ride over, wipe excess dirt/wax w/ towell. Ride,wipe,ride,wipe, until links start to lose their "stiffness" from lack of wax(if it starts squeaking, you went for one too many rides.) When it needs re-application, wipe chain, slather new IW over the old, let dry, and repeat the described cycle. In other words, you always leave a certain amount of dirt in the chain. Keep checking the chain wear as you go.
    I routinely get 5 or 6 10-12 mile DRY rides with this scheme. Water crossings/splashings shorten the cycle. Ice Wax is lousy if there's water hitting the chain. Also, it's much cheaper to buy the 16 oz. bottle via Nashbar than to pay $6 for the little 4oz. size.
    Posted by Pluton a 500 year old riding a FSRxc from s monica-home of the homeless on 01/06/06

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  • Re: The best chain lube
    Ice wax works well. Anything paraffinic is good out here.

    I'm still using regular old white lightning - works well in the dry dusty and sandy as long as you apply before each ride (apply once and wipe, then a little more) and wipe down the drivetrain after each ride.

    I used prolink last time I rode in the wet but you have to thoroughly clean that oil based stuff off your drivetrain after every ride - probably a good idea anyhow after a wet ride.

    Posted by FFW a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a MPB from Palmdale on 01/09/06

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  • Re: The best chain lube
    I've had good luck with Rock 'n Roll. I've tried their various versions(Original, Gold, etc.) and it all works great. Also, DuMond Tech is good stuff.
    Posted by MtnbikeMike a 20 year old Racer riding a Diesel/Fuel/R-650 from La Verne on 01/11/06

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