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 Looking for a Road Bike
I'm in the market for a road bike as an upgrade for my 7 year old hybrid. I'm riding 50-100 miles a week depending on weather and want to spend around 800.00 max. I'm reading good things about Jamis Ventura as far as the amount of bike you get for the money; I also am getting the impression I should steer clear of Shimano Sora components if possible. Any advice would be most appreciated.
Posted by Phil in VA a 35 year old Weekend Rider riding a Raleigh C50 hybrid but looking at Jamis Ventura from Arlington VA on 01/02/02

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  •  Re: Looking for a Road Bike
    Definitely get a bicycle with shimano 105. Anything more is overkill for the majority or riders out there. Yes, riders who ride with Sora parts are usually sorry for buying them.

    Posted by Winter Bicycle Man a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Motobecane from Providence on 01/02/02

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    •  Re: Looking for a Road Bike
      I'm also looking for a good used road bike to do the
      AIDS ride in CA. One question: with all the talk about
      Shimano gruppos, I never hear the difference between
      theirs and Campy's components. Comperable, better,
      Posted by Tortuga a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Superlight from Van Nuys on 01/03/02

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      •  Re: Looking for a Road Bike
        check out the deals on schwin road bikes right now. they are priced so low that the componentry alone is worth the price of the entire bike. also, since you live in the L.A. area, supergo bike shops(check out supergo.com) just bought a bunch of used bikes from blazing saddles bike rentals. i think they carry specialized allez models, and they should be priced pretty low. i think supergo has them at the santa monica store only.
        good luck
        Posted by Kam a 26 year old Weekend Rider riding a ellsworth flight from L.A. on 01/11/02

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      •  Re: Road Bike Deal
        If you guys are looking for a great priced road bike I have a few K2's that I can let go at a good price. I also have a few Ti road bikes that I can sell below cost...You should stay away from any GT or Schwinn, that company is bad for the industry,...period! I know that Superslow is having a yard sale on the Schwinns but you must resist. This is the same company that will be selling bikes to Walmart in May.
        K2 has some of the best road bikes on the market and I also have a line on some Ti bikes, if you are interested in a better deal then Superslow drop me a line...
        Posted by K2biker riding a Mod5 on 01/17/02

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        •  Re: Road Bike Deal
          Ti bike? What sort of Ti bike? How much? Details...
          (And K2 makes road bikes?)
          Posted by Road Guy on 01/18/02

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        •  Re: Road Bike Deal
          I know this link is pretty old. I'm trying to locate an XS 2002 K2 road bike for sale. If you know where I might find one please reply.
          Posted by Sandra a Racer on 08/15/02

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      •  Re: Looking for a Road Bike
        I have a Trek 2100, 58 cm with Shimano 105 components; wheel hubs are Dura-Ace; handle bars, tape, stem, tires, tubes - ALL BRAND NEW!; bike is awesome shape; asking $625
        Posted by Jbeall on 05/24/02

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        •  Re: Looking for a Road Bike
          Is it still available and where are you located? BACH
          Posted by Bach a Weekend Rider from Chicago, Illinois on 08/18/02

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