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 Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
Hello, Does anyone have a PAcific Cycles yx8500 or yx9500 they would like to sell me. I wold like it in great condition and low price. Thanks! just email me, if you ca help.
Posted by Barry a 16 year old Weekend Warrior from Tennessee on 6/17/00

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  •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
    Get real get wise get away from Pacific bikes there not what they look like All show and break!!! I know went through 3 of there before I smarten up...
    Posted by MTBRookie on 6/18/00

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  •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
    I got a pacific 8500 and it rules, so screw the person above me.
    Posted by Cody a 14 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Pacific 8500 from VA on 7/30/00

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    •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
      Im with cody,I have the old yx8500.Iv'e had it 3 years,it needed a sprocket upgrade,and the rearshock works good scince I drilled and tapped the end and put some greese in.My brother liked it and bought one to.I have bent a few axels,but the frame is still perfect with no play in the swingarm pivot.I weigh 280lbs.Even though its perfect i'm going today to get a mongoose xr1100 at wallmart because it has more suspension,And its on clearence for 370.00.I haven't found any info on it.
      Posted by Joseph a 38 year old Cross-Country riding a yx850 from md on 02/04/01

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      •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
        Dude, I wouldnt waste my time buying any bike from wal mart. They arent worth it. the mongooses are made by brunswick, which is the same company that makes roadmaster, and we all know how crappy THEY are! If you want a good cheap bike, pacifics are the way to go.
        Posted by Cody (aka cman) a 15 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Pacific 8500/schwinn sidewinder 24 from VA on 02/22/01

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        •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
          Posted by Rem.788 a 34 year old riding a KHS Team/Breezer Jet Stream on 08/28/01

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          •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
            gee, rem.788...i have been reading the things you are tapping out about the pacific brand cycle...you really have a hard on for them, don't you? Why don't you take your bike shop bike and go ride...get out from in front of your computer...and go away...geez, you give anal retentive a new meaning...get over yourself...Let me tell you , i have been riding bike since i was 4 years old...my first was the Evel Kenevil huffy....i have had dyno's, gt's, royce union, old brand mongoose(from their hey day, like 13 years ago)...i liked the 'goose the best...but they all rode well...I have been looking at getting a new MTB, i looked at a new giant hardtail with front shocks...the price was about 395.00...not bad, for a steel alloy anchor...I also looked at a pacific....for 230.00 i can get this bike with an allum. frame(with a LIFETIME warranty...i bust it , they give me a new one...no ?? asked) the giant...well there will be a few fees involved....The guy at the bike shop...didn't even want me to take it out onto the parking lot for a quick spin, without talking end price...and wanting to know how do i wanna' pay for it??? give me a break...Yea, hot shot, i went to toys r us...the dept head over the bikes was very knowledgeable about the product he sold...let me tour the shop area where he builds the bikes...even let me take my potencial bike out for a run to get a feel of it....no questions asked..."bring it to me when you are done." was all he said...it rode well...was lighter than the giant...by weight and cost...and i got less pressure and more knowledge from toys r us than from the bike shop.......oh, by the way rem.788...i have never seen a walmart carry a pacific...they carry that companies other brand...mongoose and roadmaster...conflict of interest to sell to many brands at the same place...get off your high horse and go ride your bike.....oh and one more thing...i bought my 5 year old a Next brand dirt bike...he loves it, and that is all that matters.....quit giving everyone your negative opinions about things you don't have true knowledge of.......what kind of 34 year old give crap to kids about their pride and joy....GROW UP
            Posted by KyRopeRescueVolunteer a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Royce from West Kentucky on 09/10/01

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            •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
              OK! I am going to respond to you here as well. Yuo do not live here where I am, hence you do not see what is in any Wal-Mart or anywhere else for that matter. I ride EVERY DAY, I put more miles in the dirt than a "weekend warrior". I could care less what you have rode or how long. Have you ever raced? Have you raced for a team? If not then drop your pathetic little ignorant rant!
              If you do no tlike reading what I post I have two suggestions.
              1. STOP READING THEM
              2. COME ON DOWN AND STOP ME BIG BOY!
              Instead of typing all this absurd and ignorant rants, why not take your own advice SHUT UP AND RIDE!
              Why you are at it go and slap your grade school teachers for not teaching you good grammar. If you still want to run your mouth then come on down. You can do one of two things. Bring your piece of crap bike and follow me, or back up your big mouth, you decide. I am tired of wimps like you who hide behind their computer. Either put up or shut up!
              Posted by Rem.788 a 34 year old riding a KHS Team/Breezer Jet Stream on 09/12/01

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              •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
                Hey , why do you down what you don;t know about ,just because you are a team rider does ;nt mean a thing , does that make you an expert ?. If so why does Pacific sell more bikes than any other brand... Just because they do not cost $xxxx does;nt mean they are junk, s, and if you are really a serious rider why do you need to to make a statement like the one above
                Posted by Lee a 43 year old Downhiller from TN on 05/27/02

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    •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
      how would you rate a pacific 6061 mountain bike with dual suspension?
      Posted by Stew a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Pacific 6061 mountian from North Carolina on 08/28/01

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      •  Re: Pacific yx8500 and yx9500
        These bikes are border brother bikes, if you are a beaner this bike will work for you...
        Posted by Regis on 09/10/01

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