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Mountain Biker Print Ad
Hi, CastPartner is looking for:

Expert Mountain Bikers Wanted for American Cigarette Company Print Ad

Dirt Jumpers - Trial Riders - Stunt Experts

Shoots Decembers 2nd - December 15th in California. Talent will work 1 Day and be paid $1500.

Please contact

Please send a photo and description of your mountain biking experience if you wish to be considered.

Must have you own Bike and Gear
Posted by Fgeisinger a 24 year old Downhiller on 11/09/12

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  • Re: Mountain Biker Print Ad
    The teams both feature “key re-signings, important new additions, and the retention of three national championship jerseys holders”, and both hold onto the majority of their riders from this year.
    Posted by Happynicky on 12/06/12

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  • Re: Mountain Biker Print Ad
    Sign are for the perfect need and having symbol related to things. The simple form for mountain bike used for having good quality reply for making clear understandings. The need for research paper writing services is important one for good going on.
    Posted by Shaperaja a 23 year old Racer riding a sdfs from sdfsf on 07/15/17

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  • Re: Mountain Biker Print Ad
    As a matter of fact I keep squandering amo because my gun will certainly not stop firing when I touch the display! pixel gun 3d online hack The video game is constantly upgraded, boosting brand-new as well as various maps, fantastic audio impacts as well as tracks, numerous kinds of zombies and also enemies, HD pixel graphics with vibrant light; all that for a remarkable experience and also a difficult video game.
    Posted by Rahu a 23 year old Downhiller riding a yamah from jfjfjnnnn on 07/21/17

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