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Motiv Rockridge
Posted by Ron Schaefer on August 09, 1999 at 22:10:46:
Am looking to change from my 26 yr old Raleigh Super Course 10 speed to a MB. Saw a "Motiv Rockridge" model at Costco for $180. I am a 47 yr old weekend recreational rider, 6'4" 245lbs. Is the Rockridge a decent bike for someone my size?
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  • Re: Motiv Rockridge
    I just bought the Motiv Highridge at a Costco store. Weighs 34 pounds, Y-frame center mount shock with 2" fork shocks, Shimano derailer and cranks. Except for the 34 pounds, I could not be happier at $214.00.

    Looks like it should cost 3 times as much. And yes the purists think it is a pile of junk that will fall apart at the first race. Well, I wont be racing.
    Posted by Paul a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Motiv Highridge from Austin, TX on 2/20/00
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    • Re: Motiv Rockridge
      I brought a Motiv Cross Creek 3 years ago, just went over
      4,000 miles today. Had no problems whatsoever, except the
      occasional flat. To be be totally honest, I am extremly
      satisfied with the product. Even had folks offering to buy
      my bike. I would miss it if I did. I'm just somewhat disappointed that you don't find any Motiv ads in print. Like I said before I am content and completely satisfied.
      Howard Govens

      Posted by Howard Govens a 47 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Cross Creek (3 years old) from Austin,Texas on 5/31/00
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  • Re: Motiv Rockridge
    I have been riding a Motiv Rockpoint now for three years and love it. I have had much more expensive bikes in the past and would put this one up against any of them. In fact I am going today to get the new model Rockpoint for $299.99 at Sam's Club!
    Posted by MBeeston a 37 year old Weekend Warrior from Lewisville, Texas on 7/09/00
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    • Re: Motiv Rockridge
      Been looking for a mountain bike like the rockpoint. Bought a Mongoose xr250. pretty and cool . . . and hea - veee. I returned it. Was coveting the xr500 with disk brakes. Pretty, cool, heavy - er. Went to Sam's Club, saw the Rockpoint. Pretty, Cool, Very light (no disk brakes, dough). Is this bike ( $299 made in the infamous roc) any good? How about the price? Can I get it for less somewhere else? Is Motiv a good brand? (made in roc probably by the same laborer that makes all the other brands). Are they likly to have things fall off or bend easily or brake off? If things need to e replaced, are they very expensive compared with other brands?
      Posted by Claude a 42 year old from California on 9/13/00
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  • Re: Motiv Rockridge
    You bought some junk. Its a throw away bike.
    Posted by W.R. Shaff a 47 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Jamis earth cursier from Lincoln, NE on 9/26/00
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  • Re: Motiv Rockridge
    I competed in the Xterra XT triathlon with it in Half Moon Bay and finished ahead of half the people with no problems. Saw lots of pricey bikes with broken parts like chains, seat posts, tacos etc. I have some trails I ride regularly where I get completely airborne, no problems. It is a bit heavier than some bikes but unless you are really a "world class" level rider, you won't notice. Use the $800 you save from not buying an expensive bike to pay for race entry fees, travel, and a few accessories like clipless pedals and you'll do just fine. So it only lasts five years, there will be that many more new items to buy on your new bike then anyway.
    Posted by Tivo Romero a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Motiv Rockridge from Half Moon Bay on 10/12/00
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